116-365 Year3 Annabella Stranger #40

116-365 Year3 Annabella Stranger #40
Image by johngarghan
Take a photo every day in 2011
A busy day and no chance to go out to seek a 365 until very later, until I walked into Sainsburys bought some milk and bread and went up to pay and asked Annabella to her photograph. She was very sympathetic and agreed straight away, perhaps because last year she was studying photography at Bournville College which is spooky because I was teaching photography at the college then but I don’t remember her and she didn’t remember me.

I ‘m asking complete strangers who have the photogenic something if they would like their photo taken.and therefore join 100 Strangers Project.
Website: www.100strangers.com
Flickr group: www.flickr.com/groups/100strangers/
Annabella is Stranger #40

9 thoughts on “116-365 Year3 Annabella Stranger #40

  1. Lovely portrait. I hope you give her a copy. 100 strangers sounds a great project but I don’t think I’d have the courage to ask.

  2. Nice portrait! Good for you for getting up the nerve to ask to take her picture! I hate it when I am close to the end of the day with no picture!

  3. Superb idea, not sure if I would have the nerve to ask a complete stranger to take there photo.

    But then again I do take photos of models that I have never meet

  4. Nice portrait! Because of the way it’s composed and because the background is nicely blurred =although not so blurred we can’t see what it is – the eye of the viewer is drawn to her eyes, which are very engaging.

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