13/04/2009 (Day 3.103) – The Inexorable Advance Of The Weird Reich

13/04/2009 (Day 3.103) – The Inexorable Advance Of The Weird Reich
Image by Kaptain Kobold
Well today was supposed to be the day of my first Aussie ‘Hordes of the Things’ competition, part of a larger wargames competition which is always held in Wollongong over Easter. I painted figures for it specially, despite not being too inspired a couple of weeks ago.

Last week the competition was cancelled. It seems that whilst there were enough ‘Hordes of the Things’ entrires to make that part of it viable, the other games weren’t so well subscribed and it wasn’t worth the cost of hiring the venue.

However the organiser was happy to host a day of ‘Hordes of the Things’ at his house, so that’s what I’ve done all day; played soldiers. I used my Weird Reich fantasy WWII German army, expanded to 48 points* as that was the format for the competition. We got in three games during the course of the day and, because I’m playing in a new country, they were all against people I’d not played before. I won all three of them 🙂

This picture slows the closing stages of my first game, against Victor who came down from Sydney to take part. He was using some undead hordes, but can be seen here removing some of them from the table whilst I ponder my next move.

Thanks to Dave for hosting the day; I had a great time. We’re hoping to make in-house wargaming meets a regular thing in this area now, which would be great. I miss my wargaming.

For TOTW: A familar game at a new (to me) venue.

A year ago today I was facing down the future.

*Pictures to follow. Pictures of the original parts of the army (along with their Soviet opponents) can be seen here.

3 thoughts on “13/04/2009 (Day 3.103) – The Inexorable Advance Of The Weird Reich

  1. Is it true that all Aussie players are a walk over? How did they perform? Did you face any Kangaroo based armies?
    Looks like fun.

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