13th Floor?!

13th Floor?!
Image by the jyan

7 thoughts on “13th Floor?!

  1. No matter how many buildings they put up, if there are more than 12 floors, regardless if they don’t put the number 13 on the panel its still the 13th floor any way you look at it even if its marked 14!

  2. "I’m staying at a hotel right now, there’s no 13th floor because of superstition. But come on man, the people on the 14th floor, you know what floor you’re really on. If you jump out of the 14th floor hoping to kill yourself, you will die earlier.

    13 is an unlucky number. If 13’s unlucky, then so should the letter B be, cuz B looks like a scrunched-together 13. ‘Hello, what is your name?’ ‘BOB.’ ‘Get the f*** away!’

    If 13’s unlucky then 12 and 14 are guilty by association. ‘I saw you twelve, you were hangin’ out with thirteen.’ ‘No I wasn’t, I was with 11. You talk to 14 ’bout that s***.’ ‘What’cha got to say 14?’ ‘Me divided by two equals seven?…Alright I was with 13, S***.’"

    -Mitch Hedberg

  3. I’m impressed. I’ve stayed at a lot of hotels and have yet to find one with an actual button for floor 13. I’d want to stay there! In room 1313!

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