273.365 lookin’ so straange.

273.365 lookin’ so straange.
Image by ashley rose,
i just got back from american iidol !
but this picture was before, like 8 this morning, ahha.
i look really weird.

we ended up having completely perfecttt timing !
we got to go to the little show that’s before the actual live show,
called idol tonight,
and my sister is on tv a lot in that.
she was in the first row with all the little kids.
i could see like, my forehead on tv, ahha.
but at the actual show,
i was right next to simon in the little standing pit by the stage !
i was literally five feet from him,
and i got to boo in his face C:<
and i hugged and met paula,
she’s not as retarded as she acts on tv, ahhaha
and i talked to anoop’s parents, lool
really weird.
and michael sarver sounded a lot better live than he sounded watching it on tv.

and smoky robinson and joss stone were cool,
and stevie wonder was amazingg!!:D
it was fun 😀

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