365.008 – the weather is weird…

365.008 – the weather is weird…
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It’s weird it really is 🙁

The city I grew up in is gradually flooding. I’ve seen footage of both the house I grew up in and the first apartment I lived in when I left home underwater. It’s surreal and unsettling…

My best friend looks likely to lose everything… (except his life). My brother is fine but there was a bit of worry for a while, but he was being my brother he was out helping other people (all be it at a pub!).
Meanwhile here in Melbourne, we’ve had rain for the past 3 days and we’re getting flash floods.

10 thoughts on “365.008 – the weather is weird…

  1. Even from far away, I’ve been getting updates from friends in Queensland, and my thoughts are there, and in Australia in general! I’m feeling the same sort of emotions that I felt in Feb, two years ago… Hope that everyone stays safe!
    Your friend (and you & all of your loved ones) are in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Crickey! Saw it on the news this morning, I hope both your brother and your best friend’s gonna be okay.
    Global warming kids, it ain’t no myth! The more carbon we pumped into the air, the more extreme weather patterns we’re going to get.

  3. I’ll do a bulk reply mostly because I’m lazy
    My brother is fine – his property managed to avoid the floods but he’s got that much land that it probably wouldn’t matter much if some of it did flood… (about 180 acres). He’s been a trooper and getting out and helping other people who are in a worse state than he is.
    My friend is ok. He evacuated to higher ground a couple of days ago. But the news for him has been sketchy at best to as to what has been happening to the suburb he lives in and going by some of the photos he’s sent to me – the area he lives in (and I used to live in) did go under – they’re just not sure how far under. Should hopefully hear from him later today that his apartment survived ok. His flatmate can get into the valley from where she’s been staying so she’s going to have a look.
    Everything is pretty much ok 🙂 It’s just shocking and sad to see and watch… so in terms of that I’ve stopped watching the news as it’s depressing. And unfortunately it’s blanket coverage here… although I don’t normally watch tv during the day anyway =D

  4. My nanna’s old house was completely submerged in North Ipswich. It backed right onto the Bremmer River. She was born in that house. Thank goodness we moved her a few years ago. My folks and my uncle and cousin in Brisbane are fine.

    No word from my uncle in Ipswich. 🙁

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