40+61 It’s cold in the basement tonight

40+61 It’s cold in the basement tonight
Image by bark
How I can feel cold surrounded by bright, burnt orange walls, I don’t know, but…it’s REALLLLLY COLD in the basement tonight!!

16 thoughts on “40+61 It’s cold in the basement tonight

  1. Ken the loin warmer is on his way and I will send you some cherry blossom branches in bloom – place near heater so the petals do not fall off 🙂 Someone has to decorate that spartan room…..
    Ps. I love the look on your face. And long sleeves might assist in the warming factor too. Someone get this guy a nice cashmere sweater – STAT!

  2. A) Turn the heat up.
    B) Put a hat on.
    C) Drop the 70’s vest thing, you’re not Burt Reynolds, and get a real coat.
    D) Layers.
    E) Eat some beans, put one of Steve’s Snuggies on, fart.

  3. Well not sure if you have a snuggie, but I know Daniel just got one for Christmas, maybe he will come over and share, then you will be warm for sure!

  4. @handlebar: it says "HAHA" is that cold?

    @KenIAm: FINALLY! yes, yes I do.

    @mausdawg: accessories separate us from the animals. I looked at a cashmere hoodie..but when I saw it was $1800 I decided I didn’t actually need it.

    @bigfurrygent: I have a blanket that came with instructions…that might work!

    a) it’s the basement, if I turn the heat up the upstairs is a sauna
    b) a hat in the house?!
    c) it’s made of real down
    d) i’m wearing a tshirt and vest. how many more??
    e) beans beans the magical fruit

    @miserablespice: oh sure, be logical about it!

    @jay: can you work in a snuggie? it just seems so complicated.

    @carl: wooot!! are those out yet?

    @CIAHiker: This snuggie for 2 idea is SOLID. Hello millions!

  5. [http://www.flickr.com/photos/cia-hiker/]
    Oh my…feeling a little light headed by the thought of a Danny & Stevie Snuggie fest…

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