5 minute doodle! my weirdest neighbor

5 minute doodle! my weirdest neighbor
Image by Szili
Well, she is two.

Half part our cat callin’, kissin’, grabbin’, smackin’ lady neighbor – half part the one who couldn’t really get on terms with her age, and her cameltoe is the death kiss of every cheerful, sunny morning.

(My first post to the supercool 5 minute doodle! group)

8 thoughts on “5 minute doodle! my weirdest neighbor

  1. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D nagyon meleg:))))
    ő az a tipikus "elvihetem a melleidet játszani nagymami?":D típus:)

  2. Vik, that one actually happened!!! ; D

    Eseme, : D (gyönyörűek a képeid)

    Zimi, köszi! Jól látod, fullra az. : )

    Thank you, Martin! I really like your stuff!

  3. Thanks Szoff, let this be my first donation for your gallery!

    Woolloo, it was! Betti even took a photo of the old lady holding the cat, but i won’t link it here. I don’t want to hurt her. ; )
    This is my favorite group at the moment! It means 5 minutes of happiness each friday! : D

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