52 Weeks of photos- Week 37- Strange

52 Weeks of photos- Week 37- Strange
Image by aussiegall
Something you don’t see very often, an albino Wallaby, she has the most gorgeous blue eyes. Strange but beautiful.

4 thoughts on “52 Weeks of photos- Week 37- Strange

  1. Lovely shot. We saw these in the wild on Bruny Island. The tour company give this explanation: The White Wallaby is a rare wallaby found on southern Bruny Island. It is known as a painted wallaby, as it is a few genes short of being pure albino. Albino or painted species are usually very vulnerable to natural predators. However as the White Wallabies have few predators on Bruny Island, they have managed to breed and increase their numbers. This is fantastic for all who would like to get a glimpse of this rare species.
    This was one we saw there, they do look very odd!
    Is it the Easter Bunny?

  2. Thanks for the info. I had a look at your photo and that is pretty much what she looks like. The weird thing about her is that the rest of the wallabys in the enclosure including her mum are all the usual brown/grey colour so she must be a throw back [http://www.flickr.com/photos/saj255]

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