59/365 – What the hell is that?

59/365 – What the hell is that?
Image by andres.thor
Alternative Title: Pocket Monster


I was getting tired (read annoyed), not getting any decent shots, when I found this weird angle that makes my face look like it’s from some cheap horror movie.

Anyway, I just found this kinda funny and thought it would make a decent day 59.

Hope you all have a good weekend. I’m gonna catch up with comments tomorrow.

11 thoughts on “59/365 – What the hell is that?

  1. Great shot- the angle is awesome for this and makes your eye ball look creepy in a good way (if that’s possible) lol! x

  2. Omg… what a brilliant interpretation! And it’s absolutely creepy that you DO appear to be in a shirt pocket looking up!! You never cease to amaze… and please quit fussing about not getting "decent" pictures when yours outclass mine regularly, ok?

  3. ditto Kari (Trubble)!! yes – you do seem to constantly nix your photos each and every time, when I find myself unable to look away, add them to my faves (which I take very seriously), try to figure out how you focus, etc. Cut it out already!! 😛

    you are good… really, really good.

  4. Haha, thank you very much.

    I admit, reading over my descriptions the morning after I often realize they sound much more negative than I meant for them to sound.

    I actually thought this shot was interesting, I only intended to *nix* my other shots leading up to this one.
    Also I get annoyed when I can’t get the shot I have in my head and I guess I take it out on the shots I do get.

    But you’re right, I’ll make an effort to be more positive ;P

  5. Eftir langa og stranga umhugsun ákvað ég að þetta væri uppáhalds myndin mín!
    Hún er bara svo flott og fyndin á sama tíma!
    Augað er svo ótrúlega flott og hugmyndin geðveik , sé þetta alveg fyrir mér sem pocket monster.
    Annars fannst mér bæði "I see you as you truly are" og
    "People are strange" líka alveg frábærar!

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