81/365 Tea Fire

81/365 Tea Fire
Image by Mike Poresky
This picture is just stupid. My friend insisted on doing it. Its supposed to be a tea kettle on ice with fire shooting out the spout. Were having a contest tell me if its good or bad.
Sb-600 through Mini Softbox to the left

4 thoughts on “81/365 Tea Fire

  1. the image looks really really good, but not so sure on the concept, tell your friend its original, but just doenst really work, it would have been better to have to shots, of a person, one holding the flame maybe, anf the other ice and have them mirroring above and below, or have the persons eyes cold like ice and then the fire in the hands (: or something like that!!! 😀 happy new year by the way!!!! its still an awesome shot!

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