All Things Cheesy!

All Things Cheesy!
Image by д§mд
My sista brought these variety of cheese specialities from Suisse … Gruyere, and Allah janay … I’ve even forgotten their names. Cheese is one thing I can’t resist. Of ourse there are others too *_*

This was taken on one of those over-nightly cheese sessions … with cuppa chai 🙂

And this is one of the weirdest picture I’ve ever taken … even I was confused at the angle when I opened this after so many months … I love weird-angle photography 😉

Have a cheesy start to your Mondays ^_^

43 thoughts on “All Things Cheesy!

  1. First I thought, "Yeh k’yaa cheeze hae?". Then I said (liking the picture), "Oh! Yeh toe cheese hae!". Nice picture — liked it!

  2. Asad Ali yeah go see if your sister has some =) All the best!

    Sulemani tariq please go ahead :>

    Mr The Poet Ahh, and I love too much of it too 🙂

    Zius ouch =P

    Eye 4 It thank you for liking the cheez cheese 🙂

    pulti1 welcome to the honorable club 😉

    syed xain ooh yeah 🙂

  3. I like this angle .. .. and I love cheese too Omelet khaya hia chesse wala ?

    waisey I like that signature .. 🙂

  4. Subha Subha Nashtay mein, Garam Garam Big Tea Cup kay saath to bothat maza ata hay iska…..

    I’m famous among my friends and family to be as "Chatora" due to such cheezy things

  5. aabas Har kisam ka omelet 🙂

    Thanks for liking ~

    Farrukh Exactly …what a combination … I feel like going for one NOW 🙂
    Lolz @ chatora !

    Umair thanks .. keep cheesing !

    Foqia bring one for me too, please *_*

    Asim237 me too =

    fake balmer thanks for dropping by & liking !

    Zeeshan Nasir aadhi raat ko 🙂

    Aamer Javed e-ooops …. kha kar hi motay ho naa =)

    Ahmed heheh :))

    Ahsan Ooops .. u r late kiddo 🙂

    AtifThanksss :))

    ImaginnerAnd I finished it =(

    Amit Basu Was too :>

    Harrisapaon say aisay baat nahi kartay =P

    Rabuu Tu aur kiya .. these are my mid-night snacks =D Now you know 😛

    Thankyou hon :>

    Tasha I guess its something like brie … confooozled 🙂

    Awais hay naa =))

    Asad Ali I was kidding 🙂 Cheese cant survive longer at my place 🙂

  6. :-s I m hungry now, go get me smthing Asma ji plzzzz I am afraid to go to kitchen, its dark in here :-s hehe
    yummy shot girl!
    ps: u might wanna check out my reply about the hairstyle 😀

  7. very yummy indeed.. nicely captured… i think ill go out now and grab a bite : )

    p.s like the soft tone lighting and contrast….

  8. fizza =))

    Qirat Oooh brave girls are not wary of darkness .. darkness is wary of us 😉

    Gr8chingari plz do ~ at ur own expense =P

    Wasim ISmail Ohh it’s totally irresistible 🙂

    Ahsan thanks .. just bit of tones added 🙂

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