Alternate Reality looking NE & NW

Alternate Reality looking NE & NW
Image by TheeErin
Farhad Khoiee-Abbasi holding is his sign near the Water Tower in Chicago. Sometimes he can be found in D.C. or Times Square – it’s weird.

He accuses the FBI agent, Chris Saviano (?) of allegedly raping his wife, Shabnam Vahabinazhad. Cook County records show that Vahabinazhad has a protection order against him. No doubt.

10 thoughts on “Alternate Reality looking NE & NW

  1. These guys are supposed to have hand-lettered signs with tons of crazy text. He clearly didn’t attend the seminar on Patently Insane Ax-Grinding in Public.

  2. Wow, startling character….Although I would like to interject that the protective order may not be a big a deal as it seems……A women was able to get a protective order against David Lettermen cause he was sending her psychic messages through the TV screen……

  3. That order was granted on December 15, 2005. But on December 28th, the same judge realized he’d been sleeping on the job and threw the Letterman restraining order out. Swell publicity for Letterman tho …

  4. speaking of crazy sign holders, is that guy with the signs about "Russian Communists" taking over the country still around? I used to see him almost every time I walked down Michigan ave, when I did so regulerly. Last I saw him was at Taste of Chicago in 2001.

  5. yes, that is exactly who I mean. I love that guy. Particlerly during the 2000 election, when his big thing was warning us that Al Gore had been repleaced by a Russian Communist decoy.

  6. wow, this guy has been around for a while! very mysterious. i couldn’t believe he was out in the blazing heat yesterday…just sitting there so motionless i thought he wasn’t a real person at first.

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