Arc’teryx Alpha FL Jacket – Men’s Carbon Copy Large

Arc’teryx Alpha FL Jacket – Men’s Carbon Copy Large

  • Alpha Series: Climbing and alpine focused systems | FL: Fast and Light. Fully waterproof, minimalist jacket designed for fast and light alpine adventures. Built using an innovative new GORE-TEX® Active Shell textile for super lightweight, breathable wet-weather protection.
  • Waterproof, Lightweight, Breathable,
  • Compressible and packable
  • Helmet compatible Storm Hood™
  • Trim fit, with e3D patterning, Hip Length

A hardwearing, minimalist alpine shell designed for those wanting to travel fast and light in the mountains. The lightest waterproof/breathable GORE-TEX® Pro alpinist jacket in the Arc’teryx line, it has a clean feature set and trim fit to keep the weight and packed size to the minimum while providing uncompromised breathability. Reinforced in high-wear hip and shoulders.The Optimal Balance
A great deal of thought goes into each design element to achieve a balance between function, fit and p

List Price: $ 398.95

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3 thoughts on “Arc’teryx Alpha FL Jacket – Men’s Carbon Copy Large

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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Production blemishes/defects! UPDATE: Amazing jacket!, March 14, 2013
    J. Proctor (Asheville, NC) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    UPDATE/EDIT 8-21-2013:

    It has been several months now since my initial review of the Arcteryx Alpha FL. This has been quite intentional, as I really wanted to get a good copy of this jacket to put through its paces before modifying my review. As you can read below, I initially received a copy of the coat that was horribly lacking in quality control, and so returned it. Read below for more information, as I think that is very important, and is a risk that customers face when ordering from Arcteryx.

    That said, I wish I could do a totally seperate review for the second jacket I got, as it is equally deserving of attention for totally different reasons. I have updated the number of stars I have given this jacket to reflect my current feelings about my current copy, but I wish I could leave behind a 2 or 3 star review as well for the bad copy.

    That said, as usual, Amazon hooked me up with a lightening-fast refund and a new jacket. I love you Amazon. I really do. The second copy of the Alpha FL I received was quite a bit better, suffering only from a few tiny glue spatters, uneven wrist straps, and a flaw in the face fabric/finish about 2mm across on the front of the jacket. Other than these imperfections, the shell looked great.

    My initial tests with it were really solid and left me feeling pretty excited about this jacket. I wore it on a warm, humid day (sans rain) during a short trail run, just to give it the “stupid” test (that is, the sort of test that is absurd and that doesn’t reflect how you’d use the item normally). It breathed surprisingly well and stayed comfort, despite the fact that I was sweating and panting up a storm.
    I then started wearing it regularly, in a variety of situations, to get a feel for its comfort and durability. Having worn it now for months, and in a variety of situations ranging from cold and rainy mountain treks in Alaska (lined with the Arcteryx Atom LT underneath), to 14-mile hikes on hot and humid summer days in the rainy mountains of Western North Carolina, I am happy to report that this jacket rocks! In considering hardshells, durability, breathability, and weight/packability are my 3 biggest concerns, so I will reflect on these as they apply to the Alpha FL.

    Durability: 4/5
    This has been the biggest surprise to me so far! I was really concerned about how well this jacket would hold up under use, but so far, it has done extremely well! I give it a slightly less than perfect score because it picks up stains on this inside really easily, and holds on to them really well. The inside of my jacket around the wasteband, for instance, has discolored from use, and now amount of washing with Grangers will get the stains out. Same goes for the wrist bands. Other than the stains, this jacket seems surprisingly tough. It’s been under weighed-down packs, through brush and heavy undergrowth, and up against rocks and trees, etc. There are no blemishes or scratches or snags to report!

    Breathability: 4/5
    As might be hoped for (what with Gore’s hype about Gore Tex Active), the Alpha FL breaths really well! Particularly surprising has been its performance in the hot and humid mountains of North Carolina during the summer. When things get bad, I vent by either taking off the hood, opening the cuffs, or venting through the main zip, but rarely have I had to do that. Recently in Alaska, I overwhelmed the coat during a long 9 mile hike that had 4000ft of elevation gain, but it was mostly just misty out, and I did well-enough without it. Had it been pouring, I would have kept it on with only mild discomfort. Perhaps it is my knowledge of how Gore Tex works versus eVent, but I did feel that a certain degree of humidity and heat had to build up in the jacket before it started breathing, but that threshold point was comfortable enough, and was no less comfortable than my eVent jackets and pants (although slightly different, as there is no saturation point for eVent).

    Weight/packability: 5/5
    This jacket excels at being light, minimal, and packable. It fits really easily into the ultra-light stuff sack that comes with it, and packs down really well in any bag. I’ve carried it on all of my hikes and treks, as it’s light and small enough to justify. I’ve even carried it on a carabiner hooked to my waste while hiking.

    Overall, I have been ultra happy with this jacket and feel like it is worth its price (assuming that you get a quality copy). The only other problem I had with it is that the DWR seems . . . weird. I noticed when I first got it wet that the shoulders seemed to wet out, which was odd since it was brand new. I noticed this in other parts of the jacket, but it never gave me much concern as it shed the water still, didn’t seem to take on weight, and didn’t reduce breathability. I have come to suspect that the DWR is still functioning, but…

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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    AWESOME PRODUCT, June 9, 2013

    Alpha FL by Arc’Teryx – Great all round jacket!

    I have been using the new Goretex Active jacket for just about a year now and have been incredibly impressed!

    Waterproof – I have been in many quite harsh weather situations and it has met my high expectations when it comes to Goretex. It is completely waterproof even under severe conditions.

    Breathable – It has GREATLY surpassed my expectations in regards to it’s breathability. At first I was reluctant to consider an active jacket without pit-zips, but after being active in the jacket, I have never felt like I needed them. Recently there have been a lot of brands claiming to have the new best item when it comes to keeping you comfortable in regards to moisture. None of them come close to the comfort of the active shell.

    Versatile – This jacket is marketed as FL or Fast and Light. It does live up to this, but it has replaced many jackets in my closet throughout the year because of its wide range of uses. I have used it canoeing, hiking, biking, nordic skiing, snow-shooing and in an urban setting. The only time that I would not pick this jacket up on the way out of the door is if i’m needing something with a very high level of durability such as alpine sport (snowboarding) when you have the possibility of heavy wear on the outer face fabric.

    The only drawback to this particular jacket is the lack of pockets. This is because it is designed to be as light as possible. After looking at the other jackets offered by Arc’Teryx I would have purchased the Beta FL which is very similar (uses Gore’s Active shell) but has two hip level pockets.

    Overall I would certainly purchase an Arc’Teryx Active shell Gore-Tex jacket again, and would recommend it for practically any use.


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    1.0 out of 5 stars
    Failed in three minutes light rain., June 7, 2013

    Fit is perfect- no doubt about it.

    Purchased 06 Jun 13, Bushtukah Ottawa. Store staff assured me that it will be a ‘few years’ of light wear before needing a DWR re-treatment. Wrong. 07 Jun, 3 minutes waiting for a bus, during 12deg C light rain the right jacket (not my skin) shoulder got wet; the chest pocket zipper area as well. By the time I was drying in the bus, parts of the right arm got wet. Rest was beading water. Both the left and right shoulder seams, including the active shell portion, got wet. Upon inspection, parts of the back equally got wet under my backpack.

    Ironically, my Arc’Teryx Gamma Soft Shell, a terrific performer, gets wet just a bit more!

    So what I had, in the end, a $ 450 ($360 special) wet jacket still drying at work, one that you cannot roll in its bag or it would stink. As I do not have my cell phone on me, I cannot post images, but I presume they would be extremely bad PR for Arc’teryx. No worries, it is raining three days and it will get wet on the way home, just like a $ 100 jacket, than I may post pics.

    Total time spent in light rain: 4 minutes.

    My main concern, that Made in China QC is abyssimal and a relative cultural perception, turned out founded. The only way 10 percent or less or more gets wet is factory treatment.Second conclusion is that the samples sent for review were better quality, as they were used and used and I saw the HD footage (outdoolab etc).

    Third conclusion, is that untreated Active Shell Gore-tex is no better than cheaper materials and brands. Once wet I can assure you that thing looses breathability as wet Gore-Tex will not allow for breathing, nothing does. Water blocks air by sheer density.

    Returning it tomorrow.

    Activity Umm basic urban protection; cycling (had it passed the test)


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