at the end of the day

at the end of the day
Image by emdot
Number one, I don’t think my toe is quite as weird looking as it appears in this photo. Number two, the light in the late, late afternoon in this office is … what can you say about it? I wanna say inspirational, but that sounds wrong. Yet, if I didn’t have a camera I’d be wishing for watercolors. Lines and rays and shadows and glare and softness all at once. I love it.

13 thoughts on “at the end of the day

  1. I would expect to see Humphrey Bogart closing up shop from the day’s detective work in a room like that, in light like that. Rumpled jacket slung over his arm, he’d settle his slightly beat up fedora on his head. Keys would jangle as he turned the deadbolt, and he’d fade into the coming night.

  2. Thank you Kannach. πŸ™‚ And Greg. And ksf2c, too.

    Vanita — love the visual. You bring up a good point. (Or I thought of it while reading your comment) — the only thing missing from this light opportunity is smoke. I bet curling, hovering, floating smoke would be awesome here.

  3. i love this mar! it’s a pictorial representation of how i feel right now. last day of school!!! time to put my feet up and enjoy summertime….

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