Atomic Disintegrator

Atomic Disintegrator
Image by fr1zz
found at "Off The Wall Antiques" (Weird Stuff) in LA

23 thoughts on “Atomic Disintegrator

  1. sorry, i didn’t get that — due to my mediocre english knowledge. you want to know how much i paid for that??? or do you want me to guess how much you paid for yours? no idea. but i’d love to know.
    i didn’t buy it though… just took the image in that store. i guess i should have bought it to be able to disintegrate 🙂

  2. Ha! The failure in clarity is entirely mine. Don’t worry.

    Ah . . . you didn’t buy it: how much was it listed for?

    And — I didn’t buy the one at my Flickr, either. Some lucky dude got it before me.


  3. yes – someday… 🙂
    i have no idea how much it was listed for – not sure if they had pricetags on the items at all – if i remember well, it seemed more like something to negotiate about. that store is full of weird stuff (see the name) and its on melrose, so i guess: not too cheap!

  4. jujo-fotos: i am not sure if i understand correctly:
    do you want an extra image of the box (only)?

    unfortunatelly i did this image a while ago in los angeles – which is far away from my hometown. and i don’t have another image of this (and/or the box). sorry.
    if a larger version of this image would be of help for you, let me know.

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