Back from the Future [12-01-2010]

Back from the Future [12-01-2010]
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I won´t lie… I thought that time travelling was going to be something more exciting… or at least not so an ordinary bus ride! Almost didn´t realize what was really going on, till I paid attention to the ticket.

(I think the rest of people didn´t notice either)

20 thoughts on “Back from the Future [12-01-2010]

  1. neo?…. neo?…??? parece que no está, che. X-P

    dave: meeeeewwwwww… not that much special… with this "exponential acceleration of change" thing they talk about I thought that differences would be more visible… But it all looked just like nowadays…

    The future is a bluff.

  2. What a deal! That’s a cheap price to pay for time travel!!!!

    I guess the old adage applies: "you get what you pay for" 😛

  3. Bueno Gi, al menos no te cobraron en monda futura ni en precio futuro, se rumorea que en 2010 se pagará en especias, jeje

  4. Maybe the person who printed the ticket wanted to add a little spice to everyone’s day, knowing that people would tell their coworkers of the funny thing that happened to them on the way to work.

    …then again maybe they’re dumber than their own spit and can’t be fired because of regulations involving civil service workers.

  5. Excuse me, but where have you all been? Some other dimension? It IS 2010. Wake up sleeping beauties. 😉

    Ahem… stop butting in here future self… who cares if you merge with the present self in the eternal now… you’ll only confuse the point.

    Which is? Keep the ticket. You can use it again in 2010. Maybe then they won’t notice the price.

  6. la maquina del tiempo del subdesarrollo… por lo menos no es el 140 que pasa cuando quiere, o el 108 que tiene todos los coches destruidos.
    Y supongo que seria demasiado pedir que tenga asientos comodos

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