be afraid. be very afraid.

be afraid. be very afraid.
Image by smussyolay
preston is always buying really weird ass shit and then asking us to try it. he bought this a LONG time ago, and it got stuck up on top of the cupboard. it was very dusty before i cleaned it off for the picture.

he was going to get rid of it, and i said i at least wanted a picture. i ended up dusting it off, opening it up and putting it on ice. we tried it. there were mixed reviews. i thought it sort of tasted like booze a little (i don’t drink anymore….it was a strange taste). we all didn’t know what the hell it tasted like.

i don’t know why he buys this stuff.

5 thoughts on “be afraid. be very afraid.

  1. any idea where he bought this? or where it’s made? it’s a great entry to the "museum". thanks for sharing with u and you’re brave enough to try it hehe

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