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Honey is that you?

16 thoughts on “beautymask

  1. Oh this is a seriously excellent picture – I saw it before when I was checkin you out.

    I feel pleasantly disturbed, and find true enlightenment from your third eyes. You two are wonderful! I feel I’m in the presence of slightly demented Hindu dieties, caught with their mud masks on. (from the Feel Me, Post Me! group)

  2. I feel like I want to stick my fingers into the swirls of grays and feel if they would stick to my hands and pull away like the pink stuff in "The Cat in the Hat".

  3. Yes BWL, "playing round with effects" sums up the creation rather precisely. I didn’t exactly set out to make it, just kept trying this or that and say, "Hey that looks cool." So you caught me. 😉

  4. i saw this on your page too and
    liked it.

    it feels like an indian Goddess..
    but yet in a beautyshop setting

    and it shows well her shapes…
    a lovely nose and chin and the
    red lips are great!

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