Blood and stars

Blood and stars
Image by K. Kendall
Sidewalk collage. Exactly as found. With heel-print in the blood. SW Stark St., between 11th and 12th Avenues.

13 thoughts on “Blood and stars

  1. I see it as quite a commentary on what we have become – the blood, dark/evil – footprint in the blood, we are hardened to violence – the stars, a dream/escape so that we don’t have to feel it. I’m glad this doesn’t speak for all of us. This photo is a thought provoker!! Purely as a photo though, the textures are interesting and I like the contrast that the stars give it.

  2. Thanks for being brave enough to comment on this chiller. Right out of CSI, isn’t it? Thank you, CC, and yes, it is thought-provoking. I gasped when I saw it and have been trying to imagine how this all happened, all day. The blue stars went on for half a block. A party, a bar-fight, a costume with stars falling off it?

  3. Strange juxtapositions are always intriguing. Would you have photographed just the blood, I wonder. I imagine the stars were coincidental, from a torn package, accidently – or deliberately – trailed along the pavement. But we always wonder about coincidences, don’t we. It’s not what they say, it’s what we make of them.

  4. I’m pretty sure it was blood. It was less purple than it looks in the picture. It’s odd–the blue came out exactly right. And no, John, I don’t think I would have looked closely if it hadn’t been for the strange juxtaposition of the stars. Therebentine, j’ai essayé B et W mais il a perdu son poinçon–à B et à W il ressemble à une tache de graisse avec des étoiles.

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