Bradford in his “Weird Era” shirt

Bradford in his “Weird Era” shirt
Image by Devlin Thompson
Mr. Bradford Cox, rock star, modeling his stylish new t-shirt, as designed by myself.

9 thoughts on “Bradford in his “Weird Era” shirt

  1. I loved this shirt since I first saw Final Fantasy onstage wearing it. I know this is a long shot, but I really really love both the tee, and Deerhunter (and even the font, Knockout), and I cant find it to purchase on 4AD or Kranky or anywhere. Is there any way or place I could but one of these tees from? Id be super grateful because it doesnt seem like Bradford is coming to Melbourne any time soon either.

  2. I’d help you if I could, but I’m afraid that I only got two each of the two designs (one for my wife, one for my files) and I don’t know if the kids are making any more of them.
    For the record, I used a circa-1900 version of Gothic Extended, hand-set by way of cut-and-paste. All of the type used is either set thusly or hand-lettered (or part of the original ad in some portions).

  3. Is there any way you could post or email me the design for the shirt??? My friend owns a shirt printing shop and i could have him make me the shirt if i had the design- It would be the best thing ever!!!

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