These are the current buttons that I’m using on my camera bag. If you need a small camera bag to lug around for daily use I would definitely recommend the Crumpler brand. I love them!!!

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  1. Ditto. Using a Crumpler too (the 6mil home)… my wife says it looks like a diaper bag to her, but that’s cool with me. Not too many people want to swipe a diaper bag.

  2. I didn’t realize you owned one – cool!

    I had the 5 mil, upgraded to the 6 mil, then downgraded back to the 5 mil. At the time I was carrying around my camera every day so the 6 mill seemed too big! Now that I’ve sold my Lowepro backpack a few weeks back it’s time to get a new backpack as well. Have you tried the Tamrac brand? They have some nice backpacks and relatively inexpensive compared to the lowepro and crumpler brand.

    You would! 🙂

  3. I hadn’t tried any other brands. I’m kind of in a messenger bag phase at the moment. I discovered the Cumplers when I was searching for a new laptop bag for work/job interviews. I opted for a black Victorinox messenger (a change up from my Victorinox backpack), but had the Crumplers in mind for future personal use.

    The 6mil suits me well for carrying my camera with 16-105mm attached, my 70-300mm telephoto (when I don’t mind the extra weight), a small 50mm prime, and a little extra space for some odds and ends. Seems a good size for adaptability.

  4. Thanks for the recommendation. I’ve been looking for something other than the big backpack I’ve been lugging it in – a camera bag, but still… Too much bag for me. I found one that looks great for the days I want something smaller (most of the time).

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