Carhartt Men’s Twill Work Pant B290, Black, 36W x 36L

Carhartt Men’s Twill Work Pant B290, Black, 36W x 36L

  • Wrinkle-Resistant Fabric
  • Stain-repel-and-release finish

Carhartt knows what the hard-working man needs and wants Style doesn’t have to go by the way-side when you work These Carhartt work pants fit easily over work boots. Imported.

List Price: $ 35.00

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3 thoughts on “Carhartt Men’s Twill Work Pant B290, Black, 36W x 36L

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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Durable, well constructed, mediocre pockets, December 19, 2010
    Josh Daniel S. Davis “xaminmo” (Highland Village, TX) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    These are heavy duty work pants. I bought one each of Navy, Khaki and Black. All are well constructed of heavyweight fabric. The pants look sharp and wear well.

    I found the thighs to be a little tighter than expected based on the size. YMMV.

    I found the pockets to be mediocre in size. I could fit my hand and wallet, or my hand and keys, but not my wallet and keys in the same pocket. Overally, they were about an inch too shallow and an inch too narrow for my expectations.

    The pockets were heavy-duty fabric as well, and would hold up. It’s also possible that you could easily expand the pockets with a strip of fabric inside, but that’s a pain.

    These compare well and slightly exceed the durability of Dickies’ brand work pants, which are another favorite.


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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Previously a long time Dickies 874 work pant fan.., October 29, 2011
    VINCENT CHEN “Vincedog3” (Tennessee,USA) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    As the title says I was previously a Dickies 874 fan. I liked the cut of the pants, and seat wasn’t baggy, but it was snug. the seams straight and fasteners zipper and hook function with confidence. Front Slash pockets and 2 rear welt pockets while standard fare I would not call overly generous especially the front pockets. The biggest annoyance, how old they look after just a few washings. Fade and pilling of the fabric generates a sigh from me who likes to look smart at work, and play alike.

    Time for a change. Enter the Carhartt B290 Work pants.

    While I have always been a fan of the Carhartt Dungerees and Overalls, both of which I own and enjoy. Their durable build and tripple stitch construction and Duck Fabric are made for hard work and play alike. As much as I would love to wear them to work all the time at the office, the Overalls would be a bit much.

    The B290 work pants are a great addition with there more substantial fabric density of polyester cotton blend vs. the Dickies 874 work pant. The fasteners hook and zipper have a more robust feel though new the welt pocket buttons are a bother being so stiff and all the fabric. Stiffer is the word of the B290, in contrast to the more soft 874 work pant. Seams are straight and the tripple inner seam is a nice durable touch.

    I have seen interesting comments in regards to the pockets here. It seems there is a variability in their capaciousness. I purchased one size Khaki smaller I am a between sizer more on that later) and they are generous and robustly sewn. Deep and able to swallow up my Droid 2 and fat wallet in one pocket while my assortment of keys….geez am I a locksmith or what collection with ease. The one size higher found the pockets perceptually shallower in space. Go figure.

    Fit and wear.

    As in the paragraph previously I note I am a ‘tweener size wise. So I purchased the size that was lower size and fit is snug but still more room in the seat department. Sitting as much as I do my bottom is happy with the extra cut. The thighs are full in cut as well, but not making me looking like a circus clown or any such thing. Waist is a bit larger than stated, good for me in my chunky build, maybe not so for the more slimmer of set and build. Cuffs are neatly sewn and fit over my shoes nicely, and the permanent center crease is just that.

    Going on my size to the right of the catalog, I am noticing only a slight waist bunching and fuller seat, I am not “Gansta” style or anything like that but I notice the hips and seat have more wider latitude than my smaller size purchase. (I ought to just loose more weight and stay with the smaller size.)

    Washing I agree with other reviewers the pants remain a bit stiff, I don’t really see that as a liability as just how the pant is. They are holding up well. Better than my Dickies 874 or even my double knee Dickies, another long time favorite of mine. Ironing is not really necessary as long as you remove as soon as your pant is dry from the dryer. I find removal and a firm snap shake fold and hang, and they are ready for work or play later.

    Colors in this review, Black, Dark Gray, Khaki. I have not tried the Navy color, next to be added in my collection.

    Shrinkage is very minimal so you can buy true to size with confidence. I believe it is a warm wash, cooler dry and all is good.

    Keeping clean as worn after the wash is easy. Water just beads on the fabric due to its protectant embedded in the fabric. I have not spilled anything like coffee on them etc. so I cannot attest to the protectant efficacy in this area.

    As an aside I received complements for dressing up more than usual. I had to laugh, because these are afterall work pants not formal or serious dress pants. Pretty funny I thought. I commented, it amazing what a little ironing will do kiddingly.

    In Summary.

    These pants are smartly cut for the work environment yet still have some of the tough values and durability that my Dungerees have, but in a more professional office friendly scheme. While they will never replace my suit pants anytime soon, unlike my Dickies 874 pants, they offer better fit, more robustness of build in the fabric choice, the tripple stitching inseam and the washing and still looking new vibe vs. the Dickies that look trashed after just a few washing showing wear and all.

    The curiousities are the pockets that seemed to vary with my size choice, remember I bought 2 sizes and noted the pocket depth difference. The waist size can vary as well. If you can try them on before you buy it is always a safer bet, shrinkage not being an issue you can buy true to size so one upping to counter shrinkage is not really needed.

    So in the metrics.

    Fit for me at least a 5
    Finish and construction 4.5 found some errant threads around the fly easily eliminated. Hook and…

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  3. 4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Very nice quality, much better than Dickies, November 5, 2013
    Jacob M

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    Cut well, leg length is pretty accurate (I don’t know how precise it is though, as I’ve only tried on 1 pair so far) and these are FAR more comfortable than the Dickies 874. They are also significantly heavier, which I take as a sign of quality, though your opinion may differ. Overall, nice enough to be worn to the office, but also durable enough to be worn out to a factory floor.

    Just wanted to post an update on the quality of these pants. I used these to crawl around on a factory floor to take measurements of a production cell in a factory that makes automotive fuel takes. The floor was dirty, grimy, and likely had all kinds of chemicals that should definitely have stained my pants. I ended the day with huge black marks on the knees and at the bottom of the legs. I feared the worst, but washed the pants any way. To my utter amazement, 100% of the stains came out. I am profoundly impressed with the quality of both the fabric and the fit of these pants. If you are thinking about buying these, do yourself a favor and get a pair. You will not be disappointed.


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