Carolina Fashions, Inc

Carolina Fashions, Inc
Image by BottleLeaf
This place has been around as long as I can remember growing up. This is the view from Highway 417 in Mauldin heading towards Simsponville. The name of the building is "Carolina Fashions, INC", although I don’t remember it always being so. It’s set right across the street from an unrelated factory that bustles and smokes all night long. Regardless of the activity right across the road this area is always dead. Several Blue Book Industrial Directories list the company as an Importer/Exporter. They’re listed as manufacturing "costumes and dress up centers" and "dramatic play equipment".

Honestly, this place has given me the creeps for the last 10 years or so. I think it’s the cage-like display of creepy, decapitated, ghost-esque mannequins that’s always lit, 24/7, regardless of the fact that the rest of the building never seems to be. I’ve also never seen any vehicles in the parking lot. I’ve asked other people who are familiar with the building’s existience and they don’t seem to recall ever seeing anyone there either.

So I decided to explore this place a little on the outside and take some photos. Granted, something gets lost in translation and it’s not as creepy on film, you have to trust me that it’s a weird place to be in person by yourself.

9 thoughts on “Carolina Fashions, Inc

  1. I can imagine how creepy this would feel if you were there alone. Too much Twilight Zone in my past life not to imagine them all coming alive after dark–and not all being really nice. Great photograph, with exceptional night lighting.

  2. Makes me want to visit and feel the weirdness for myself but honestly I dont think I have to now. You description was quite creepy enough! Great shot and a cool read.

  3. I buy my Halloween costumes there every year. They have terrible hours during the rest of the year and are hardly ever open. So I imagine that’s why you’ve never seen cars in the parking lot. But at Halloween they are super busy and always packed. Great deals too!

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