Céline – Stranger #58

Céline – Stranger #58
Image by Enthuan
A few minutes after making my first portrait of stranger in a shop, I went to a mall in Lille.

It was late and there were not many customers in the stores. I was walking next to a jewelry store that I saw a stranger in her shop.

I noticed that the necklaces were hung on the wall, which could be a good background for a portrait. So I went and presented my project to the seller.

Her name is Celine and she has been working in this store since December 2012. But his professional project is radically different: she would become an educator for young offenders.

Celine did not want too be photographed in the store for reasons that I had heard and that I was prepared: No manager and fear of the brand image. When I told her that the brand will not be visible and that I won’t speak at all about it, she agreed.

The light was yellow and I had trouble getting a light that I liked. I tried different places in the store and this is the picture I selected because Celine is rather natural.

A big thanks to her! This second photo motivates me to photograph strangers in the shop.

Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at the 100 Strangers Flickr Group page

Fujifilm X100

Find the french description on my portfolio

6 thoughts on “Céline – Stranger #58

  1. Well done. The first of many, i hope!!!

    And after you get nevous you must try to take so much space that you can ask them to go stand in a better place with more neutral back. It’s so much fun, meating people and come into their private space !!!

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