Chris is Stranger #39

Chris is Stranger #39
Image by johngarghan
On our way to the café I saw Chris sitting on a bench in St Philips church yard complete with his cup of coffee, and thought its an odd time (6:30am ish) and day (Bank Holiday Sunday) to be sitting there. I didn’t investigate why and I think I should because I was already at the back of the breakfast queue so it wouldn’t make any difference

I ‘m asking complete strangers who have the photogenic something if they would like their photo taken.and therefore join 100 Strangers Project.
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Chris is Stranger #39

10 thoughts on “Chris is Stranger #39

  1. Wow – you are doing so well with this project, John. I don’t think I’d have the guts to do this!

  2. [] I had been up all night for the 4AM project I got to bed about 9 and woke about 12, I should of staid awake I felt awful for about 3 days

  3. [] I’m doing better than i would of thought possible I thought i would get many many NOs but its been a massive yes all along

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