Cirque de Ole

Cirque de Ole
Image by AkumAPRIME
No photoshopping!

Try to figure out what’s going on. If you Can’t, use the photo "next" to it, in the photostream, for a clue.

30 thoughts on “Cirque de Ole

  1. Very clever. I wouldn’t have been able to figure it out without your other picture for reference. It’s a powerful image (and isn’t that what it’s all about). Well done.

  2. Score 8/10 (from the Score Me!

    You’ve combined a lot of very different elements into a really striking shot–I really like the way you’ve lined up the two subjects. It could be just a bit brighter.

  3. akum,

    At first I thought….well never mind about that thought…nice composition in the capture here…the focus looks a little off and its grainy…but I can see this was a tough capture with the lighting… good job…I wish you would have photoshoped the hair out of the pic in the corner though.

  4. For those who occasionally check pics they’ve commented on, look at the photo taken before this. I’m surprised no one noticed it yet.

    :::Edit::: or after, I forget which direction the photostream moves… Timetravel always confuses me.

  5. plus: The image is so bizarre it forces the viewer to to really look at it to see what’s going on.
    minus: The shot is somewhat grainy, but not so distracting that it really harms the photo.

    I’m afraid I have no idea where in your photostream this resides, so I can’t reference the photo next to it as you suggest (a link on this page to the other image would be nice, hint, hint). However, I think the "person" on the left is part of an advertising poster and the one on the right is someone who posed for the photo. Am I correct?

    (from the Plus-Minus Comment group)

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