Cyber Ninjas

Cyber Ninjas
Image by c2k2e

31 thoughts on “Cyber Ninjas

  1. You got the passion, dude. I especially like how the green blood flows between the tiles. Really nice details. And the sabre is just perfectly done.
    After all, I also like the camera angle you chose.

  2. LOL, hilarious, that green stuff is horrid! maybe even better in a nastier location, like a car park? the shrubs on the side distract somewhat.

  3. @Prozac74: Thanks a lot! I try to pay attention to the details.

    @ElseKramer: I actually drove around alone for hours that day looking for a better location, unfortunately I wanted that perspective and the self-timer / run into place method wouldn’t have worked. Had to wait until my wife got home and settle for a driveway pic. I plan on raising the bar on this theme…

  4. OMG, that’s really funny! now is the dead guy good? or is he with the sith, and just wasn’t doing his job? lol very creative

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