Da Vinci

Da Vinci
Image by Lif…
I visited the Neue Pinakothek in Munich (there are a lot of paintings for those who don’t know too much German ^^) … so that already took most of the day away… also during the train ride I got some coaching in math… Man I’m really tired now..
So I’m lucky I had this idea with the bushes! They are all from the Da Vinci brand, so that’s where the name comes from. I did some more selective desaturation and added a weird frame. What do you think about the frame?

Oh. And I actually wanted the version Scala sang, but I can’t find it on youtube, so here’s the original song: Colorblind

I almost forgot the most important thing!!!
When we were in the museum I found a goat on one of the oil paintings (I think there were mostly oil paintings…). And guess what! I could see through it! The background was clearly visible through its body. Now I’m wondering… Was I the only one to find it? Was it really THERE? Is it just a creation of the painter?
Whooow. So much philosophy can be put into such a little goat. Maybe it stands for something much bigger than itself! (it was just about as big as two of my thumbs in a huuuge painting)

34 thoughts on “Da Vinci

  1. diese Pinsel Fima ist bei mir gleich um die Ecke (Nürnberg) und hat inzwischen eine grossartige Gallery eingerichtet.

    I saw your wonderful picture on our group The Wonderful World of DOF
    dont forget to award 2 fotos !

    did you catched the goat to share with us the foto?
    (let me know if )

  2. Great composition and depth of field. The focus on the bristles in particular is perfect. Great job, very creative shot.

    I think the frame works here. I’m usually not a huge fan of frames on Flickr but this one is understated enough that it’s not at all distracting.

    Seen on my Flickr home page. (?)

  3. toll gemacht, die schwarzen kanten sind ein toller Rahmen, schön ist der Farbverlauf in den Borsten!
    das mit dem Licht nach hinten hin dunkel passt genauso gut zum Foto wie der Untergrund und der Schärfeverlauf!!

    dir noch einen tollen Tag!!

  4. oh mann. ich muss auch mal wieder in die pinakothek, ist a) schon jahre her und b) cool genug, auch öfter mal rumzuschauen. allerdings c) viel zu weit weg. urgh.

    ps. d) das schaf sollte man aber doch ganz gern sehen

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