Day 40 of 365: shoot a stranger

Day 40 of 365: shoot a stranger
Image by Arek Olek
I’ve seen so many great portraits out there on flickr based on a simple rule: ask a complete stranger to pose for a photo.

So this time I decided to try it myself. Here’s a picture of Angelika – she was the first person I have ever approached, so I could say I’ve got some talent for asking people to do stuff, or maybe I’m just lucky.

Anyway, while we were shooting, a group of homeless people joined us to take some pictures and this is the result. In the end I liked this photo best for its authenticity and frozen action you can see thanks to her hair.

4 thoughts on “Day 40 of 365: shoot a stranger

  1. Wow, a bokeh-licious portrait and a very funny pose! i also envy your camera ability of shooting at ISO 1600 while preserving such low grain levels 🙂

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