Day One Hundred Twenty Three

Day One Hundred Twenty Three
Image by Dustin Diaz
123/365. Weird ~ Of a strikingly odd or unusual character. Strange.

Ok, I’ll be honest, sometimes I just grab a few lights, some lightstands, PW’s, and whatever random props, then head out the door. I had no idea what I was going for… so in the end you get… weird!

The best part is the expressions on people as they walk by. I also had two conversations with people and had to remember to take off the glasses.

Anyhow, tomorrow I finally start my first day on the job at Twitter. Exciting new opportunities await.

Lastly, for all folks that sent Flickrmails… I’m still getting to them! I have not forgot about you.

The rest of you lighting nuts… yeah. read the stuffs

camera, setup, strobist info: see here

79 thoughts on “Day One Hundred Twenty Three

  1. In case, weird is very good! I love the cool colors – the yellow wall and the blue glasses really make this.

  2. Is that a briefcase or a plaid lunch box?

    This is really nice. The detail on the wall in the front of the image is fantastic.

  3. I’m pretty sure weird was a condition of our marriage. Long live the ‘by the pound’ vintage store! We need to get a dress up box to put in the studio/garage.

  4. more than anything, you are very brave to take your self portraits on the street and weirding people out. it must make them jealous that you can be so openly creative (especially when they hear you’re a twitterer)

  5. Dustin – man u are so flexible /// u can bend urself in any ways … hahahah … a very funny way u r sitting …. really …

  6. Absolutely genius! Without a doubt the most charactersistic photo, well, probably EVER! I am drawn to the yellow wall and its detail in the top left of the frame. The natural lens distortion that is elongating the hat adds that fascinating Dr Seuss effect, very cool!

    Overall, a really thoughful photograph that embodies your album so well. Have fun with Twitter!

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