Distended Median Subgular

Distended Median Subgular
Image by DerrickT

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  1. Mr. Void, this is indeed a "real polaroid", yes! Thanks for the kind words/visit! I’m endlessly appreciative, and you’re always welcome! πŸ™‚

  2. Jan: Yes, it’s very bubble-gum-ish, but certainly not bubblegum! πŸ™‚ …In fact, my teeth would have been absolutely demolished had this been bubblegum. Perhaps David Blaine would take a bite out of it, but I think I will pass! Thank you, as always!

    Nurse Love Gash: Thanks, thanks! πŸ™‚

    onelungbreathin: Would you believe that it’s not a bubble? Ha! …as funny as it may sound. And, hi. πŸ™‚

  3. Even as a "photo manipulator", I find it very sad that it’s getting more and more difficult to believe that a photo is "genuinely" analogue after all the fancy vintage looking photos available all over πŸ™‚
    How did you take this?

  4. I think I have problems making myself clear πŸ™‚
    Ok, I know that it’s a Polaroid, but I was wondering if the particular Polaroid camera you’ve used to take this self portrait had a remote release, timer or else that would let you pose in front of it πŸ™‚

  5. _lorelei: That’s what I’m thinking most people would decipher it as. But, I guarantee you (which is difficult to believe), it’s not a "bubble" of any type. The visionary-illusions are extraordinary, I think. Thanks for the visit/comments!

    kren: Haha!…unfortunately this camera doesn’t have a cable-release (although I wish it did!) but the self-timer does come in handy. Now if it only had hydroelectric power! Oh the things I could do…

  6. Hmm. We hooked a light bulb(?yes?) like that up to a Tesla coil once. . . Made for a great plasma ball.

    I like the shadow lines from what I presume are trees, also the fact that your shirt matches the color of the windows behind you, so the pattern of the door stays, although you’re standing in front of it.

  7. i love the simplicity……and the shadows cast on and around you…….and remember Clark Gable had sticky out ears and was thought of as one of the BIGGEST heart throbs of his time :oP

  8. Ohhh Derrick! Finally a shot with your vintage polaroid camera!!! The film tones are spot-on vintagey as well and this is a GORGEOUS shot!! The concentration placed on the "bubble", arms down by sides, the blood vessel-like shadows across you and the garage – – I would triple-fave if that were possible. LOVE this my lovely pal!!

  9. the spot in the centre of the ‘bubble’ is mesmerising……almost hypnotic!!

    is this a picture that could be posted to the ‘gossamer glimpse’ group, perhaps?

  10. i could not fav this fast enough!
    this is truly awesome. your pose, the concept, along with the option of polaroid…just…..just!
    have to agree with Lou-magic….contemporary poster would so well.
    Album cover material my friend.

    hmmm..what title tracks would the Pinecone have on the sleeve?

  11. I love this derrick! i didn’t even realize that was you at first! the shadow that crosses behind you on the wall is just AMAZING.

    The bubble is so wild – like you’re making your own twin. πŸ™‚ (or mine) πŸ™‚

  12. I just got it….
    why this looks so familiar, the light, the expression, the content….it could hae come right out of the "Thirty-Three"

    "speak to me in a language i can hear "

  13. Uh Oh, gotta concentrate harder Derrick your thought bubble is slipping. πŸ˜€
    Amazing as always Derrick, viewing your work is never a quick "look and go", always a lot to to take in and consider.

  14. you have a nice head. the shadows are like excess blow-energy. i’m thinking it would be interesting to see everyone walking around for one day with a giant bubblethingy instead of a mouth. mighty quiet, too.

  15. Like watching a flexible thought!…It becomes a white ballon ready to explode in front of our eyes. We are ready to see the next episode, where the thought defines the fragmentary chapters of a beautiful afternoon.

  16. LIke a thought about to burst from a monk’s head while he sits in his wooden straight-backed chair listening to services for the 3-thousandth time in since he got there. It’s a wonderful image Derrick, and the earthy mossy tones work perfectly.

  17. Okay, so I suppose this picture may help a bit:

    I was studying these frogs (and morphisms) and imagined how it would be if humans had these vocal sacs. And, for humanity, these "vocal sacs" would be different colors, and not specifically used for "mate calls!" I suppose if we did have these vocal sacs, there would be nothing to talk about really, since it would be "normal", and would be like talking about noses and ears and eyes, &c., &c. — but it’s the ‘idea’ that intrigued me the most. The stillness of heart. Or brain. Or both. Whichever floats the boaty-boat.

    and People, people, people, that isn’t a Bubble! Haha! You have to believe me. Imaginatively, yes, I suppose it could be a "bubble", but believe me, no one has guessed it yet. And it’s not like people are desperately trying to figure out what it is. But, it’s nothing latex-y and silicon-ish. No monster-makeup special effect gelatin molds, either…just for further information! Hilarious.

    Girlabroad: Ha! …well, would you please do me the honors of explaining exactly what "a lot of things" is? …in regards to "sticky-out ears"…? Is there something you’re hiding that I need to know? πŸ˜‰

    priam160: Certainly not a light-bulb, either! Ah man, this is fun. Quite a dazzling guess, though. I love plasma-balls. I especially love Science Centers where many of them are showcased. Tesla was a genius. Thank God for him and the polyphase alternating current, induction motors and so forth. — Thanks, as always, for the kind words!

    Pablo: "and the not bubble gum" created a wonderful chuckle throughout this room. Thank you for that, and for the visit!

    Lorrie: Ha! Yes, you’re right about the Clark Gable part, but the other parts don’t apply! And hey, it’s not like I’m complaining! I’m thrilled with everything I "have." πŸ™‚

    Nate: Ah, good to see you after so long! Thanks, always!

    Annimator: It was really a fun time. The sun was extremely vivid this day (around 4-5 in the afternoon and almost into the early evening) and I was blinded by the light when I would open my eyes. I couldn’t even keep them opened, actually, so I had to keep them closed, of course. But, then again, I think that either way would have worked. Glad you love this! πŸ™‚

    shadowbox: Nice compliments, as always, and I’m grateful! Eternal thanks! Thank you, if anything!

    Mr. Oji: Oh, thanks, thanks, as usual!

    megafill: Somewhat ivory-swirlish, isn’t it? It does somewhat have a hypnotizing aura about it, now that you’ve mentioned it. I must now view the ‘large’ size and let my eyes peel away! …and as far as that group is concerned: I’m not certain. What do you think? πŸ˜‰

    Lou-magic: Hey, hey! …I’ll have to check into that! πŸ™‚

    Ryno: I’m glad these types of "’roids" are artistic and more-than-acceptable, you know? I’m really praying that Barry Bonds doesn’t break the all-time homerun record, with his juiced-self! Eek. — My Grandpa would be thrilled to know that you also have his ears!

    Craig-slang: Wow, thanks for the kind words, as always, my friend! Album-cover was mentioned before you as well, so hm, perhaps this is something to consider. Maybe even a book-cover of sort as well? I can envision it, yes! I imagine I could try and come up with something for a title-track for the sleeve. Would be even more fun to include the "audience" and let them choose! πŸ™‚ — Thanks, always!

    Ralph: Ha, yes, perhaps that’s you behind there and I don’t even know it? Peeping Tom, are we? πŸ˜‰ — I keep my head nice and shaved. I’m quite blessed with a nicely-shaped head, I suppose, and so are you. We both should be mighty-thankful!

    Chris: I’d love to see it as a poster, too. If only things were ‘free’, eh? πŸ™‚

    Rae: I can’t wait until Smashing Pumpkins releases their new record. I’m just praying that the other two members get back with the band, because it just wouldn’t be ‘right’ with only two of them there. When Pink Floyd got back together after Roger split (and when he split, there went the creativity right out of the door! …although I do have a sentimental connection with The Division Bell, but that’s a whole different ballpark…) Dave, Rick and Nick were the only three remaining, but they were still Pink Floyd — give-or-take the "three member" rule. Ha! Or, at least 75%! I doubt D’arcy will ever re-join them after her and Billy’s "fued" they had there for a while. Then again, it didn’t really effect me whatsoever when she left, and they replaced her with other players, which suited me fine. If anything, get Melissa Auf der Maur back! Oh how I can’t wait until they start touring, because I’m definitely going to go when they come here.

    Anyhow, I love that video, and I can see where you would see a resemblance. Interesting parallel, I would say! A great song for a masterful double-album. Now you’ve got me wanting to go dig it out. πŸ™‚

    Ralph: Thanks for the compliments/visits, as always! …I’ll try not to be as dramatic next time! πŸ˜‰

    Dana: πŸ˜›

    pinkyhonor: Thanks! I imagine it would also be rather interesting, yes. I don’t know about "quiet", though! I’m certain someone would find a way to spread their loudness throughout the city! πŸ˜‰

    John: It’s always good to be a child at heart, and at mind (creatively, anyhow!). Good to see you, as always…

    depassagem: Balloons? Oh my, you’re way off! πŸ˜‰ — but, I understand the resemblance! Your compliments are overly-flattering, my friend! Thank you, as always!

    Stephen: Polaroid Week, eh? I wasn’t even aware of this ‘event’, but thanks for informing me! I suppose I’m just in the nick! …and thanks! I hope you have an excellent weekend, also!

    Maryanne: Hello there! …glad you dig this one! Thanks, as always, for stopping by!

    Richard: Ha! This is like the oral version of "blowing off steam", I suppose! Silence is certainly golden. I’d much rather prefer it…

    Mel: "A flexible thought" — Now there is something to flex on for a while! Rubber-band-y and bouncy, like a water-bed. The everlasting gaze is the next "chapter", I would say. Like Naked Eyes, "always something there to remind me." Thanks, as always! πŸ™‚

  18. Chephoto: I see you snuck up on me there! πŸ˜‰ — Thank you for the kind words! Your comment made me all chuckle’d and ‘sh’tuff!

  19. Well, now I’m at loss. . . a balloon? Although, that would seem to be a bubble of sorts. . .
    So with you on the loss of Waters and Pink Floyd. Although, honestly, as much as I enjoy The Final Cut I’ve kind understood it was almost more of a Waters’s solo effort.

    Oh. And my gods man. Poetry, photography and a more than cursory knowledge of Tesla? I though I was eclectic. I humbly bow. Next, you’ll referencing Go parables and strategies. . . πŸ™‚

  20. Looks to be a Dr Derrick powered light fitting – I can just see it popping out 1000W of bright ideas… the thought light bulb (‘cha-ching’) morphically rendered vocally.

    And you have your grandfather’s ears? Kept on some cotton wool in a little trinket box on the dresser I imagine, brought out for party tricks and parlour games.

  21. Sir Derrick T
    you have us totally intrigued. I imagine whatever you have in front of your face, last time it was a pepper, has to be suspended and near your mouth. I must say I am puzzled and you win. tease

    none the less, the photo is well composed and your eye for shadow is masterful. Does it take many attempts to get the whole thing just right?

  22. This is brilliant and the concern/concentration of your eyes works for the frog analogy. I think this must be in part a reflection but that doesn’t help me. I have a feeling I’ll be back to this more than a few times.

  23. Oh Derrick…I’m so glad you’re excited but that was a little painful…Auf Der Maur, I like her just fine and she is the one doing the new cd and tour but I do and will forever only accept D’Arcy as The Pumpkins bassist…Pretty much what we have going here is "The Jimmy Corgan Complex" ….no James either.

    It is sad but I would still travel far and wide this Summer to hit one of the festivals they’re playing….

    You still wanna take a road trip? Count me in, my friend.

  24. This is not only "nice" (massively nice, don’t know if I make myself clear) and it does not have only an almost PERFECT composition, colors and all that bla bla, it shows somehow who you are… Great one here πŸ˜‰

  25. priam160: Nope, no balloon, either. I was thinking how I may just want to keep this a secret, to keep people wondering. It’s all in fun for me, really!

    I found The Final Cut to be overly-possessive by Waters (which isn’t anything new with him!). He had gotten to the point where he didn’t even want Rick Wright to be a part of the band anymore (which didn’t suit well with Nick or Dave), because he felt that they needed to break away from the "keyboards/piano", which created even more tension between he and Rick. Most people think that it was the tension between Roger and Dave was the primary reason for the break-up, but this isn’t true. It was more of the butting of heads between Rick and Roger that created chaotic loafings. As far as The Final Cut is concerned…there are a few songs from that record that are appealing, but I found the album to be extremely negative. Some of the lyrics, in my opinion, are horrible. Interestingly-enough, the album is said to be inspired by some of Hitchcock’s works. Then throw more of Roger’s hashing-out negatively-inspired lyrics, and you essentially have The Wall, "B Sides." Some say it’s underrated, I say it’s far overrated. Give me Pre-Dark Side era Pink Floyd any day of the week (including La Vallee and The Soundtrack from the Film More as well as Roger’s work with the great avant-garde composer, Ron Geesin, from their experimental and bizarre album, The Body, &c., &c.). — but, then again, this is why opinions and perceptions are so entertaining. πŸ™‚

    Ha! Well, I’ve always loved poetry since I can remember, and I’ve always been fascinated with history, and I’ve always tried to expand my knowledge on it all. I mean, basically everything interests me! There’s always something to be learned. Tesla is the true unsung prophet of the electric age. In fact, there are many other "credits" that he deserved for creating (or helping to create; of given various ideas about…) various other things, but never got them, which is unfortunate.

    Parables? Well, I do enjoy Dostoevsky. Strategies? How about Machiavellian? This could never end, you know? πŸ™‚ I really appreciate your returns and compliments, my friend!

    lightgazer: Why thank you! πŸ™‚

    B-Mill: Ha, I like to keep a "light" on things, I suppose! And yes, my Grandpa’s ears, indeed. Although, with your description, you’ve got me wanting to pull gags! πŸ™‚ …Maybe I’ll go hang myself like "Harold." Ha!

    francescabrown: Ha, well I’m happy that you’re "puzzled" and intrigued all at the same time! I really appreciate your kind words/compliments!

    Does it take many attempts to get the whole thing right? Yes! …most of the time, yes. There are times when everything does seem to click well together, but 99% of the time, I find that I am never "happy" with the result, so I’ll continuously do something over and over until my entire body feels raw. This is what happened with the blurred-mirror image a while back. I actually ended up being sick and extremely dizzy for the remainder of the day. But, it’s always fun and enjoyable, so I have absolutely nothing to complain about. I’ve always said that if it gets to the point where I’m not having fun and enjoying myself, then I’ll quit it altogether. — Thanks tremendously for visiting!

    CA: Hi there! Always good to see you make it over here! …thanks, as always, for the kind words. And you’re more-than-welcome to visit as many times as you like. πŸ™‚

    *nausika*: Ha, great observation! πŸ˜‰ …thanks for the visit!

    Rae: Ha! Well, I didn’t meant for it to be "painful", but I just feel that if anything, Auf Der Maur could fill D’arcy’s role and I wouldn’t be totally bummed. However, if push-comes-to-shove, I would much rather prefer D’arcy. But, I doubt this will happen, unless she and Billy-boy can work something out. But, yes, like you said, it looks like only Billy and Jimmy will be the originals, which is somehow bittersweet. I would almost rather them not go on tour or make a new record considering all of the members aren’t together; which essentially doesn’t make them "The Smashing Pumpkins", unless they’re willing to change their name to "Smash Pumps" or something! πŸ˜‰ — As far as Auf Der Maur is concerned, she had that one hit single back in 2004 that I enjoyed, so let’s see if she can rake those same plains again. I first heard that particular song when my friends from Toronto came down here in the spring of 2004 for the Music Midtown Festival, when it was first hitting the radio. We were all like, "whoa, who is that!", and then they told after the song played, and it was over-joying. I do like her, though. I just wish they could at the least get her since they had her before. If anything, try and get James Iha to return!

    Roap Trip in effect one of these days, yes. Anyone is welcome! πŸ™‚

    Francisca Bravo: Why thank you for the kind words! I’m glad you enjoy this one! …and yeah, I suppose I’m very froggish, eh? πŸ˜‰

  26. Obscure…..uncomfortable…..like we are witness to a strange medical marvel with a bull frog throat but quite a lovely bald head…and what is that substance inside the globular protuberance??? gunpowder perhaps???? (lol)…you’re a genius (smokin), but this could be dangerous!…..POW POW as usual, Derrick!!!

  27. Melissa is doing it…she’s "thrilled to"

    of course she is; it’s the F-ing Pumpkins.

    You have heard Jimmy Chamberlin Complex, right?

    Oh James, he will be very missed psycho obsessive fans far and wide…

  28. I dreamt about this crazy globe..hahaha..you know the old serie " the prisoner ".. ok,so in my dream I looked at your pic and suddently the globe moved and recovered all your body and I was thinking that it could not be the old lamp of my grand’ma..;-)
    is there milk or flour or sugar inside?Yes..I’m really curious..

  29. *note to self: get a polaroid camera!*
    What do you mean that is not bubble gum? It has to be…unless of course one of your lungs has decided to come out and survey the land!
    You know…there is a lot of symbolism here, as there is in all your work.

    I love how you get us all thinking and questioning. Sometimes I have to pinch myself just to see if am indeed real or just a mass of cells. Oh wait…same thing! Must think more!

    Fantasic as always my friend!

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  30. So many things have already been said about this image. My two cents involve words like "brilliant" and "whimsical" and "charming", "unique", "thought-provoking" and "killer".

  31. I was immediately drawn to this b/c I plan to mark this coming week’s National Bubble Gum Week with a photo. But, of course, I’m sure you already knew this

  32. It’s not the cover for a light fixture. It’s not a latex kick ball. It’s not latex. Could you really have that much phlegm? (No. That’s just gross.)

    I Googled "subgular," and your pic came up second. That’s something, ain’t it?

  33. you can make it last,: …and you’re way too kind! Thanks! πŸ™‚

    inez: Ha, your comments reminded me of the days when I would sit and watch old western films with my Great Aunt. I always found Wyatt Earp-films to be visually impressive. Anyhow, don’t you just love the "obscure" and "uncomfortable?" One of these days I am going to make a movie. It’s going to remind people that there’s more to darling clementines and figures surrounded by controversy, crime and unlawful weddings! Your comment also had me ducking and running for cover! πŸ˜‰ — Thanks, as always!

    T Glow, Danielle, Veronica, mag.m: Thanks, as always, guys!

    Rae: Yes, of course I’ve heard of them. He’s one of the best drummers out there. I’m really happy he finally overcame the substance abuse. I liked that band, by the way. If I remember right, I think they even had Bill Medley from The Righteous Brothers to lay down vocals on a song or two. And I really enjoy the Righteous Brothers, so that was a plus!

    *nausika*: Ha, did you really dream about this? And yes, I love "The Prisoner", and it’s funny you bring that up because I’ve been looking to get the boxed-set here recently (although I’ve had it in my "wish list" for a while now). What a strange phenomenon, eh? Your dream sounds great! Hm, now you’re giving me ideas for motion-photography! πŸ˜‰ …no, no sugar, milk or flour or anything inside, except plenty of ‘air’. I’ve often had dreams of Flickr-members, so I can relate to the peculiarness of it all. Thanks for returning! πŸ™‚

    331: Hello! This is actually a Polaroid Sun 660. I got it off ebay for a really lovely price; especially since it already came with the film. I’ve always wanted a sx-70, though. I’m thinking of selling my Yashica to try and get one, but who knows! Thank you, as always, for the kind words!

    Sharon: Ha! I mean just that: It’s totally not bubblegum, as weird as it may sound. I mean, if you look closely, you can essentially tell that it isn’t bubblegum. Bubblegum doesn’t reflect that good — the luster is too "sleek" here, I think. Ah, this is really fun! Just come right on over here and I’ll show you! πŸ˜‰ — Anyhow, I’m glad you like this one! And keep pinching yourself! …eventually it will look like you’ve been stung by a thousand killer-bees or something. Take a picture! Thanks, always, my friend!

    Brain Map: Too kind. Thank you!

    amiko: Ha! …well, I really wish it was bubblegum in my mouth there, but it isn’t in this case, believe it or not. National Bubble Gum Week? I wasn’t aware of this event, no! Where do I sign up? On a dotted line somewhere? πŸ™‚

    demitri and paradoxiko: Thanks guys!!

    Deb: Ha! Latex wouldn’t have such a "sheen", I don’t think. And latex is typically milky-white, unless colored with various substances. The rubber-particles aren’t particularly lusterous, either. Then again, low ammonia might…er…nevermind. "Phlegm" always reminds me of The Blob with Steve McQueen. Nope, no overdoses of pathogens.

    Funny you googled "subgular", too. I’m surprised my image came up second. Hm, one would think that I invented the word or something! That’s definitely "something", yes. I don’t know "what", but "something", yes. πŸ™‚

  34. This made me happy on this Monday morn’. I love how you deeply you seem to be concentrating and how sublte the colors are. Your ears are very endearing!

  35. ok..as we say it in french " je donne ma langue au chat "
    but you know if I were you making this pic..mmmm..I would have made a kisag balloon just for fun..do you know kisag balloons?ha!
    hilarant gaz=NO2..:-)
    yes I really dreamt about your pic..amazing!

  36. i can see now that you’ve commented an tagged that it’s not bubble gum. i hope you know you need to have special training to be able to scream and distend your vocal sac w/o doing damage to it. ask any opera singer.

  37. WomanChild: I’m glad this could make your Monday morning a happy one, my friend! I do, however, hope that you were thoroughly ‘happy’ before you saw this! — I’m even more happy that you think my ears are "endearing!" Now that’s kindness! πŸ˜‰ — Thanks, always!

    *nausika*: Ha! I have absolutely no idea what a "kisag balloon" is, no. But thanks for introducing me. You now have me curious! Something tells me that there’s a good chance that it’s going to be something in regards to females. Or, am I just being overly-assumptious now? πŸ˜‰ — I’m still finding it funny that you dreamt about this photo. Was I moving around? Did I say anything? Did I turn into a Frog Prince or anything? Hilarious. Oh my, I crack myself up. Even when my jokes are absolutely and ridiculously lame-lame-lame! πŸ™‚

    Danelia: Thanks, m’dear! Happity-yay to see you here, as always! πŸ™‚

    amiko: Ha! I agree. I agree. Although, just ask any ‘frog’, and they may tell you differently. πŸ˜‰ — I like operas, by the way.

  38. wow — this is a lot of comments for one polaroid… πŸ™‚

    i’ll toss my hat in here too to say that this is a great capture!

  39. Google tracks buzzes and footprints, where readers have been and return again. You’ve made the word interesting enough to pave a path through Google’s rankings. Now I wonder how many people actually Google "subgular."

  40. hΓ©hΓ©..show you my last kisag balloon party..

    and telling you the truth..the dream was quite crazy..I just remember the white balloon growing and growing and you couldn’t stop it..at this moment I was thinking of the Prisoner balloons..and suddently I just saw your hands out of the strange white gluey material trying to free yourself from it..but than you vanished inside..and I don’t know how it finished..strange..

  41. Petebeck: Thanks for the salad-tossed like hat-tossing! …and the visit, of course!

    Deb-o-mania: You got that right. Their "tracking" system is at the highest pedigree and never fails me; unique and thoroughly-engaging. I hope that people start searching for "subgular" because I find it to be quite a dazzling word. Thanks, as always!

    *nausika*: Ha! Thank you for the example there, but I’m still having a difficult time determining what exactly is going on, and what exactly a "kisag balloon" is! I’ve studied it and looked at the other images and determined that it could be a variety of things. One, I was thinking that perhaps they were larger balloons used for some type of fun event? Like water-balloons of some sort? You must reveal to me the real answer! πŸ˜‰ — That dream is great. You have me wanting to make it into some type of animated short-film of sorts. I imagine it as a cartoon as well, which would be fun. Hurry back!

    praxis9: Popsicles are a good way to get fluids into children, you know? Favorite flavor? You had me chuckling with your comment. Thanks, as always!

    Jim: Ha! If I were to blow up, I would probably end up in some strange time-capsule like a psychological Sci-fi drama. I’ll be at the Local Space Station taking calls for further space "information." I think I would rather float away, though. I’ve always wished I could fly. Thank you, as always!

    philosoap: Wow, I’m sorry to hear about that! …and I don’t think you would create sarcasm or be joking about something like that, so I’m taking your comment seriously. πŸ™‚ — How long was this ago? Thanks for stopping!

    Carmilla-luna: Yes, indeed. Your camaraderie and support is thoroughly acknowledged and appreciated, m’friend! πŸ™‚

    Fooolintherain: Haha, well, this isn’t a "bubble", but to answer your question about the perfection of its dimensions: I think the _______ at the _____ may have had something to do with it. πŸ˜‰ — Thanks for stopping in and commenting! πŸ™‚

    AT5: Hello! …would you be interested in making this into a documentary? It may be boring, though, to give you fair-warning. πŸ˜‰

  42. nascity: Thanks, sir! πŸ™‚

    strophica: Haha, not "worried" whatsoever. And, believe me, this ‘entity’ wouldn’t ‘pop’. I imagine if it did explode in some form or fashion, there would be a lot of unhappy people. Including myself. I imagine my flesh wouldn’t like it, either! My external composition there appears this way because of the hyper-vivid sun. I actually think it "works" well, so I’m happy the sun was in its right place at the right time. Thanks for the kind words and the visit!

  43. *taking pin and…*
    ah derrick, what would i do with out your comments? πŸ™‚ i dunno
    this one is fantastic, so i see except me, many people would like it to explode :))
    human nature is strange…i like your closed eyes…why is it that when something near your mouth is going on, we tend to close ’em? πŸ˜‰

  44. Derrick I really really REALLY enjoyed the testimonial that you wrote for me. I always hoped one but it is far away better than what I expected. Every word made me smile. I could say a lot of things, but no one would be enough to tell you how grateful i am.
    I hope that you can imagine it.


  45. I appreciate your comments. Please, instead of flowers, please send donations to the International League of People Who Don’t Like Sacectomies One Iota.

  46. Apols if i’m repeating stuff other people have said. But there was a documentary on the ohter night (UK telly) about what might have happened if the dinosaurs hadn’t been wiped out. It had them as household pets and all sorts. It does make you think how different ‘normality’ could have been with tiny changes in circumstance (although granted, keeping the dinos alive was a pretty big one). Wonder what design adaptations humans will actually get next – could be a range of choices there! You get the feeling evolution would have to work pretty fast to keep up with some of the changes around now.

    I can imagine the human/frog scenario. You’d have special clothing for the winter then..

  47. ah, Derrick. I can always count on you for pictures of oral fixations.
    shine on brotha.

    "Humour me before I have to go" -that you did.
    Count me on the SP road trip. Darcy or not, It’s still the same songs. and the songs are what I "adore."

  48. Ooh…the color is wonderful, and the shadows on the garage door make this look like we are peering down into a white box….it seems sunken in from the frame.

  49. Hey Derrick….I love this self! The shadows make an askewed "X" which gives the whole image a slant on the bubble blowing idealism that at first seems to be innocence. I didn’t read any of the above comments so forgive me if I’m repeating what has already been stated.
    Peace out.

  50. how could I miss this one??? how???! damn! ;P
    yes, I agree, very album-cover or even a book-cover….Pinecone’s poetry…can I have an autograph, sir? πŸ™‚

    and you’re trying to say it’s just your ‘vocal sacs’? ohh…ok….;) very interesting…
    anyway, whatever it is it makes a wonderful shot….love it!

  51. Oh my, thanks to all of you!! I am over-joyed by the array of verbiage and visits here! Awe-inspiring words, compliments and eye-glistening-bliss. Thanks, endlessly! :))

  52. when i saw it, the first thing i thought was "balloon!" but i suppose that’s because i did the very same think in a photo of mine πŸ™‚

    you, the Unnamed Object, and those branch shadows make me smile.

    oooh, you’re making me more antsy for the arrival of my polaroid camera! πŸ™‚

  53. yaheyyyy! love this! looks like you’ve got a giant lightbulb in your mouth! great look and wonderfull symetry here*pours mr D a tall glass of refreshing applejuice accompanied by a yummy crumbly praline filled chocolicious easteregg*

  54. Hiya bubblehead!

    You look meditative. And there’s a feeling of balance here. Will you burst if you do not transfer air to the bubble? Is having an exterior outlet for what is in ourselves as necessary as breathing / inspiring / expiring? There is no inspiration without expiration. Are you making water balloons with your saliva?

  55. Polaroids become you my dear Derrick πŸ™‚
    The shadows of the brances seem like they are the delicate veins in a slab of pristine marble – and they way they grace your visage – splendid. Just marvelous :-)))

  56. well interesting frog like shot… i’d love to be part of your group but i got no polaroid… anyway good luck ^^sure you’ll succeed ^^

  57. Ah man! I suppose I should have put the text, "This isn’t a "bubble" of any sorts…" under the image here! πŸ˜‰

    Tremendous thanks to each and every one of you for visiting me and providing me with your entertaining and rewarding verbiage! As I’ve said a thousand times now; I’m thoroughly appreciate and oh-so humbled! πŸ™‚

  58. it’s the shadows and the linear background contrasting with your shaved head and bubblegum-like balloon, that really make this work for me

  59. Ha! My-oh-my. Perhaps I should just call it a "balloon" and be done with it? …even though it isn’t a balloon whatsoever? Next time I will know to provide the correct text under the image. It’s much too late by now, I suppose!

    jayjuice: Thank you, so-very-kindly, for the complimentary visit! I appreciate, as always! πŸ™‚

  60. my D!!! this is amazing!!!!
    thanks for inviting me Roid’ N Roll group. no wonder why you make that group;-)

    have a beautiful day my friend:))

  61. mistubako: Thank you, thank you, as always! πŸ™‚

    Fooolintherain: Ha, no, no, no. It’s not a balloon! Really, it isn’t.

    For the millionth time! πŸ˜›

  62. I don’t know how they are called, but this reminds me of those opaque-ish glass covers that serve as lamps, they usually cover a simple bulb.

  63. Is it. . .

    A rutabage treated with a series of progressively ever harsher chemicals leaching all color from it, eventually imparting a plasticine like sheen and rendering even the cellular walls partially translucent?




  64. Here’s a little hint…

    Try and find this film at your local video store (or buy it because it’s a Masterpiece), and after you’ve watched it, get back to me to see if you have it figured out by then. If not, I’ll revert to option B, which will be a tad simpler…

    This film

  65. Lol. It might be a bit before I can track down that film around here. . . πŸ™‚ I did see a couple different productions of the play. What is the point of a revolution without general copulation?

  66. Well, please do take your time! No rush around these parts! But, don’t be surprised (when you do finally see that film) when you don’t see an exact replication of the image that I’ve produced here, because this was a creation merely out of my mind…

    …but I felt one could grab a hint from that particular film if paying attention!

    I’ll be waiting…

  67. now if only I had Netflix, I could solve this puzzlement.
    not a lightbulb
    not a balloon
    not gum
    not a condom


  68. Mel-o-mania: You don’t have to have Netflix, you know? Of course, it may be easier, but you could always try and either rent it at a local video store or you could buy it (which is worth having in the collection!) depending on how you toe the line.

    0 for 4. Everyone’s batting .000 right now!

    I’ll be waiting in the shadows…

  69. after spending 86 dollars on groceries last night, i think my fun money for buying DVDs is long gone. πŸ™ I’ll add that one to the list, though.

    if the shadows get too cold and lonley for you, come up to the lake and fly a kite with me.

  70. hehe! i notice that there a trend. a trend whereby you make inanimate objects integrated as part of your physical form. maybe it’s just my eyes but it’s intriguing, how we actually really do infuse objects onto our beings, weaving it into our skins, just so we don’t feel naked.

  71. so it’s not an inflatable vinyl toy ball?

    really i think you should just tell us so we can all smack our heads and say "doh."

  72. It’s hard to decide which images to fave, there’s a lot to like in your stream. This stood out for reasons I can’t immediately explain.

  73. must we writhe on the floor in anticipation for much longer, Derrick?
    I’m foaming at the mouth here!
    so unless you will tell us that you are an alien creature and that your throat expands to form a a whitish bubble used to attract mates (hmm must work eh? ;)) Then I think my guessing days are over……or are they?

  74. Could it be a. a ceramic light fitting or b. a *huge* onion or c. new ‘chin ornamentation’ for festivals or d. another different object?

  75. looks like you’re having an eclipse. i love how human you are, i mean primitive in the senses and evolved at the same time…

  76. yeah, I still don’t know what this is.
    I’m thinking something organic. I haven’t completely ruled out the option of you putting animal body parts such as bladders or lungs in your mouth, but this looks way to immaculate for that.

  77. This is lovely. All of your self portraits are.

    ps. I left you a small testimonial. Small because I’m not that good with words.

  78. Abbey: Better late than never–thank you for the kind words, and yes, you are very good with words, actually.

    So, has anyone figured it out yet? I have to say that looking through these comments brought back a flood of amusement…

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