dramatic order, knights of khorassan

dramatic order, knights of khorassan
Image by HumanSeeHumanDo
Something of my great-grandfather’s. Weird.

6 thoughts on “dramatic order, knights of khorassan

  1. Apparently the Knights of Khorassan are a branch of the Knights of Pythias, but the Wiki entry about it says it is the "less serious" branch. 🙂

  2. Yeah, I read about it on wikipedia too. I also have a few old Knights of Pythia pins. Seems all those weird men’s clubs were popular back in the day.

  3. This card is especially poignant because Carroll Edwin Gilmer died March 14 1937 in Ray,Arizona of double pneumonia caused by the flu age 51,buried in Phoenix.-Arizona Dept of Health Services,State File #544
    His wife listed as Lystra Kate Gilmer,parents Abner Gilmer and Lucinda Smith.He was born in Center Pt.,TX

  4. lpjb0711 – Again, amazed at the amount of information you can find on this. I had thought he died in 1938, and I was told by family members it from a sinus infection that killed him. Apparently he had sinus troubles most of his life, and I was told an infection from that got into his brain and killed him. I suppose the above facts and the stuff I was told can sorta be of the same vein. I wish I knew how you found the Arizona Health Services record. I can’t figure out that website to see how you did it…

    Thanks again! 🙂

  5. Ok how I did it.Simply google Carroll Edwin Gilmer,top search result will be Gilmer-Pipl profiles,click on that and you will see a page with names.Scroll til you see Carroll Edwin Gilmer in blue under that has a US flag and says Arizona,United States.click on the name in blue.
    Second result down will be the one you want.Says Public record birth and death certificates Arizona-Genealogy click on that link and you will see another come up.Will be Arizona Dept of Health click on Gilmer,Carroll Edwin will be in red after that a pdf file will come up with the death record.Let me know if it works for you.
    Now that I look at it it says hemorrhagic meningo-encephalitis
    There was an autopsy looks like of the brain so you are right.

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