Ebullient Eye-opener Inside of A Jagged Ladder’s Cerebellum

Ebullient Eye-opener Inside of A Jagged Ladder’s Cerebellum
Image by DerrickT

144 thoughts on “Ebullient Eye-opener Inside of A Jagged Ladder’s Cerebellum

  1. Pretty Eyes Derrick….

    I kinda sorta imagine them blinking once and saying "climb" in a disturbing childs voice. Maybe followed by the "Cry? I won’t cry!…" speech…

    on a side note…no photoshop? really? hmmmmm?


    Big bright eyes with bug-leg lashes, the ladder mouth (by the shape of it, he speaks a bit like Al Capone) and long floppy bunny ears!! – – Cocooned in a softly blurred vignette, no less! Weeeeee!!!

  3. Mr. Void: Ha! …I can see a resemblance. Thanks, as always!

    lavueltaaldia: Thank you! 🙂

    Rae: Why thank you! Like, "climb", in that raggedy — sounds-like-something-is-stuck-in-the-larynx type of voice? The possibilities are endless! And no, no photoshop. Keep the "hmm"-ing handy. 😉

    Karen: It is what it is. 🙂

  4. Annimator: Ah! I should have known you would slip up on me! I take it you were entertained by this one! Ha! Thanks, always, always! This connoisseuring madness is killing me! (sarcastically-speaking)…

    Pablo: My oh my, thank you for visiting and supplying me with such kind words, sir! I appreciate them, as always!

  5. the concept hurts, the image softens – i like this combination!
    how curiously different it appears in thumbnail. the thumbnail has breasts and large open eyes!
    magical workings no doubt!

  6. nothing is so wide (open) as what we try to keep closed…
    A great pic, with a good eye and a great brain behind the camera

  7. what i love most about it is that the blur on the edges, in the shape of the beastmaster eye, implicate me (or all us viewers) in the image. it’s suddenly from our point of view, and because the image is about the eyes i am not just a voyeur but a man, having woken from yet another overhwhelming dream, looking in a mirror. no fear…as you say: "ebullience."

  8. Pan’s Labyrinth meets the guillontine…

    I love your bizarreities D-man.

    those drawn eyes look like beetles. eek. maybe that’s why i’m getting an uneasy feeling from this one. but i like it nonetheless.

  9. delightfully myopic and then somehow kaleidoscopic as one zooms in on the thumbcrease squints. and those scarab-lash eye-cons! they remind me of the hunters who wear eyeballs on the back of their head to scare off stalking panthers.

  10. liechtenrose: 🙂

    depassagem: Thanks, as always, sir!

    Symbolo: Thanks for stopping in!

    Lou-magic: Ah! Glad you enjoy this one and the "combination" of pain and pleasure. Or, well, pain and the dreamy-softiness! Thank you, as always, for visiting me!

    Valerio Basili: Exactly! Thank you for stopping in and rewarding me with your kind words and compliments!

    jude: I like your perception of this being the "reversal" of the viewer’s stand-point. A perfect idea and in-depth thought, as is rewarding. Thank you, as always!

    Mel: Why thank you! There’s plenty more to come. 🙂

    Thank you, as always, for always walking through my "Welcome" mat at the front-door of my folio. Although, you’re welcome to come in at the side, the back-door, or even the windows (while the screens are missing at the moment).

    Interesting your mentioning of beetles, because I plan to purchase a couple of Campsosternus auratus‘s in the near future. I’ve always wanted some, and I found a site at "Insect World" where you can order them and they will deliver the particular insect that you ordered to your home.


    Their metallic-ness really sends me to the stars. I can’t wait!

    Thanks, again!

    pinky: Thank you, thank you, as always! 🙂

  11. Lorrie: You’re truly a magical person. I appreciate your visits, alwaysalways!

    Jess: Don’t worry; you really don’t want to know. But, with me, there’s a reason for everything. 🙂

    Fant: Thanks, thanks!

  12. playful, funny. misses the edge of some of your deeper self portraits, but good nonetheless

    (only an opinion, as you know 🙂 )

  13. I’m jealous of These Eyes, Derrick! I’ll order a pair to the eye-maker for me. I need them to be: water-resistant, x-processed, holographic, snow-proof and infra-red…

  14. jude: I’ve added! Thanks for the offer!

    Brilliant Z: Ah, nice! I’ve also added the image to the group; thanks for offering, as well. It would be interesting to get together and meet other Atlantans. Hm, I imagine I could use them in images somehow, if anything! 🙂

    arabelluska: Hi, and thanks for stopping in!

    Vicky: Glad I could entertain you! Ha!

    Miss Stellar: Fading, in or out? Well, fading, in this case, is characterised by two distinct mechanisms by multipath’d delays in which are somewhat unapproachable, so I would have to answer your question by saying, "neither." 🙂 — Thanks, as always, for visiting me!

    wim: I respect your opinion to the fullest! I agree, this one isn’t as "strong" as previous self-portraits, but I’m always up for trying new things, whether they over-come previous images’ strengths or fall flat on their face. It’s all in the fun of it, you know? 🙂 Thanks, as always, for stopping by!

    Mel: What are you talking about? Those are real eyes!

    Richard: Ha, glad I could make you chuckle! Chuckle is also the sound that two amorous chinchillas make! Thanks, always!

    Daniela: And I appreciate your kind words/compliments, as always! Good to see you over here, as usual…

    Leo: Thank you for the offer! I’ve honorly added the image to your group!

    fred.c.fred: Ah, I like the reference to Jacob’s Ladder. How clever of you. 😉 — Thanks, always, kind sir!

    John: Thanks, m’friend!

    K: Wow, thanks for the kind and complimentary words, my friend! Glad you like this one. It was quite a blast running back and forth, squeezing inside of such a raggedy old ladder that is essentially on its last breath, I’m imagining.

    LeNoREe, Di P’anna, elephipelephi, joaobambu and Victoria Frigerio: Many, many thanks to each of you! I appreciate the visits and the comments, endlessly…

  15. *crawls in your kitchen window and fixes self an icecream sundae*
    that beetle is awesome. I found a pic here http://www.geocities.com/rainforest/1803/others.htm
    I had no idea you could order them. Dead I assume?
    It’s funny that the huge bugs like beetles more beautiful than smaller ones. Oh but do you remember that part in Indiana Jones where the gigantic centipedes and locust are crawling through the blonde woman’s hair as she is trying to push the lever that will save Indy from the collapsing room? Now THAT makes me cringe.

    Hi, I’m Mel and here’s my Tangent.

    keep up the good work, Pinecone. I’ll always be a fan 🙂

  16. I love it, but with a jagged cerebellum she’d fall, I think you meant cerebrum. On the other hand, I’m sure you have some source and reasoning for the switch from cognitive to coordinative. (besides the idea that the coordinate of this shot are really important!)

    Seen in my contacts’ photos. (?)

  17. ‘Blink and you miss it’ they say but there seems no fear of that here, the unblinking seer of all that is warpedly washing by.

    The ladder entombs this mantis-like being and it will be a marvel to see what emerges from the chrysalis when the winter thaws, a flittering and afluttering über-ebulliantly no doubt 😉

  18. jpopp and deb: Thanks and many smiles to you both!

    janelle: You’re way too nice. Thank you, always!

    Mel: Ah! …take all the snacks and icecream out of my kitchen as you wish; but please do make certain that you leave some for me for later. Especially when I am watching films, because I like to have something to munch on when I am enjoying a movie. I get "nervous" during certain scenes of horror films, so I have to supply my nervous reactions with "movement", and what better movement than the mouth when eating? (Kidding, of course.)

    Yes, that’s the exact beetle I am planning to purchase in the near future! I will probably buy two or three of them, and yes they are already dead: "dried papered or spread insects", to be more exact. That particular site sells them for a very good cause, though.

    "Helping to support the preservation of the rainforest and habitat by encouraging the development of insect farms all over the globe, is an important mission in our business."

    I used to have a friend from North Carolina who would collect oriental beetles; but she would collect them as ‘live’ creatures, rather than dead. I’m also thinking of attempting to buy some that are already alive as well, and certain pet/insect stores will actually order some for you, if they aren’t becoming rare, if they don’t already sell them in their own stores. There are a few that I am going to try soon. I’m hoping they have the Campsosternus auratus, because those are my absolute faves. I remember, as a child, often seeing them on the sidewalks, on their backs, dead. You’d often come across ones that were alive, which was quite thrilling for me.

    And yes, I do recall that Indiana Jones scene you’re referring to! All of those creepy-crawlers in that ominous cave that they were in gave me chills when I was a little tot watching it for the first time. I used to also be fascinated by the scenes where that particular "evil leader" would reach inside of someone’s chest and pull their heart out. Something would always come over me and would slightly freak me out. Then I learned about special effects and do-it-yourself monster-makeup and it wasn’t as "oh-my-god-how-did-they-do-that"-ish! Ha!

    Isn’t ‘tangent’ a tool of trigonometry? 😉

    Thanks for returning! I’m ever-pleased by your visits!

    Ari: Nah, I meant "cerebellum" completely, yes. Believe me, I’m rather succinct when it comes to my giving titles to images! Cognitive, indeed, like a grammaticalization of sorts. Coordination just seeps outward. Think of factoring polynomials, and voila! Thanks, as always, for stopping by!

    Brain Map: You’re far too kind, m’friend! Glad you enjoy this one, and thanks for stopping by, as usual!

    B-Mill: Definitely no fear, of any kind really, much less of the blink-and-miss phenomenon! I’m not really certain if this death-warranting ladder could ever "entomb" anything properly and securely, but it seemed to have "done the trick" in this case! And I imagine whatever emerges from the chrysalis won’t be a beautiful butterfly. The "transition" may even take longer than normal as well. 🙂 — Thanks, as always, Mr. Aussie!

  19. Are those tatoos?! Just kidding… I know they aren’t.

    I love the title! And I love considering *you* as the ladder’s consciousness.

    Did you see the movie Pan’s Labyrinth? I may have asked you this already. There is a scene with a monster who has no eyes in his head… however, he does have a spare set of eyes that he can lodge into the palms of his hands. This reminds me of that.

    I like the smudging at the bottom of the image. I get the sense that I am inside a creature’s head, a creature who is opening his eyes for the first time today, hence the blurriness… and the first thing he sees is you. You… you crazy ladder monster!


  20. Well, this is the longest conversation ever that you’re monitoring, Derrick. You are like a flickr talk show host. The photo looks like iconic surrealism. Very disquieting as surrealism is. Will you photograph your beetles?!

  21. Dear Derrick…is only when we are willing to "climb latters" and take risks that we are free…too many restrictions on the ground and my
    mind goes a bit crazy when I’m contained to a set of rules…
    on that latter is freshness found rarely…
    What a special person you are…

  22. hahah Oh man. I REALLY want to run around behind wooden framed windows in abandoned houses, wearing a nightgown, screaming that I can see the world, and drawing wings, eyes and hearts on all the windowsills!

    I love pictures that inspire me to do something outa the norm.
    Thank You Derrick Pinecone

  23. under the ladder rahter than behind the lens odds are stacked again so its easier to try hard not to stare. lovit too!

  24. Very compelling. I too wonder at the presence of the glasses, perhaps as a symbol of projecting vision, of the viewer and view-ee reaching across the distance between them with the function of sight.

    Or, perhaps, it just looks very neat. 🙂

  25. I’ve ever pleased to return. 🙂

    thanks for reminding me to save some icecream for you, cause i tend to not keep track of something when i’m eating it and really enjoying it. I’m a knee-bouncer durring movies myself I get really tense durring certain parts of horror films and need to move around also. I know what you mean. 😉
    I hope you’ll share with us the opulant beetles when you receive them.(Good cause too) let’s hope their iridescance will transfer well on film.
    I know have an urge to watch the Indiana Jones trilogy….right after the Back to the Future trilogy that I’ve been wanting to watch for a while now.
    Shine on BeetleLad!

  26. ok…whatever you’re on….I want some now! 😉
    marveliscious oh triumphant pinecone…..one…..!…!!
    The more I look into this…the more you see me. This is also handy when clearing one’s eyes. I often wonder how much time has accumulated if we had to sow together all the moments that we have blinked in our lifetime. Of course, I tend to ponder many arbitrary things as well….like how far my right hand has travelled owing to mouse maneuvers when using the computer. I could swear I’ve already stored enough for a visit one day. 🙂

    This I love about your work Derrick..always pushing new boundaries forth and getting all of us thinking and gazing..and, well, pondering.
    On a technical note, I especially love the use of colour here. A movement from fleshy tones to a gradual desaturation on the ladder down to the pale background.
    And I’m pondering the layered meanings hereof as well!

    shine on…!!!!!

  27. a delicious fairytale: That’s what I say! 🙂

    Karin: That would be absolutely horrible if those were tattoos! Ha! Anyhow, I think you’re, like, the 6th person who has mentioned "Pan’s Labyrinth", and yes I’ve seen it, but I didn’t have that particular film in mind (nor any film, really). I’m somewhat glad I didn’t do something different by having the eyes showcased on my palms rather than what you see here, because people would have easily thought I was cloning that particular monster from that movie. Thanks for the visits/comments, as always! …and beware of your ladder. 🙂

    poko1984: Thanks!

    Karen: I just realized that you’ve been deleted! …*sour face*…Does anyone know what happened?!

    Marianne: Good to see you visiting, as always! How are you? You’re too nice! Thanks, always! 🙂

    fanstomas_21: Thank you! 🙂

    Cassandra’s Eye: Ha! I would actually be terrible as a talk-show host. I would be nothing like Greg Behrendt, believe me! …and funny to think, I’m a quiet type of guy, too!

    Thanks for the great compliment, too! "Iconic Surrealism" is a fave of mine, as well as modern surrealism. Surrealism, in general, is thrilling for me. And yes, I will certainly take pictures of the beetles!

    Sylvia: I agree whole-heartedly, as always, with your wise and delicate words, my friend! I appreciate your visits and comments, as usual…

    Michelle: …and while you’re there, I’ll be right next door, in the ‘cluttered’ house, running around and hiding behind dusty things; drawing eyes on ‘opened’ windows where the "glass" would be, writing haiku poems to accompany them.

    Ha, but yes, you should definitely do that. And film it. Or let me film it. It’d be like a surreal nightmare of sorts. We could make Guy Maddin-cinema look like Donald Duck cartoons! 😉 — I know of a few abandoned houses around here. Come down here and we’ll get started right away! …but be prepared to stay for a while. You will be involved in other peculiar projects as well. 🙂 — Thanks for visiting/commenting, as always. I’m glad I could be a source of entertainment and an influence of sorts!

    Veronica: Ha! Why thanks! Everyone has it, I believe. I suppose only a few enjoy tapping into it. Good to see you over here, as always!

    Maryanne: Thanks, thanks! I’m glad I could make your muscles stretch and move with this one!

    ArtsySF: Ah, thanks for the offer! I’m honored to have the photo added to your group! Thanks for stopping in and rewarding me!

    praxis9: Ha! I’d much rather be behind the lens, but it’s difficult getting people to do anything, so I end up being the camera-man and the subject. Thanks for the visit!

    Mr. Oji: Thanks, as always, kind sir!

    priam160: Ah, these perceptions are overly-enjoyable for me! As Lynch would say, "It is what it is." 🙂 — Thanks, as usual!

    [christina]: Yes, indeed! You’re the master of the blur, so I imagine this was rewarding for you. Ha! Thanks, thanks!

    oubliant: Ah, it’s been a while since you’ve been over here. Good to see you and happy you visited me!

    Mel: Three times is a charm! Please do take as much as you want. I imagine there’s plenty to choose from, and if you’re not satisfied, then there are plenty of grocery stores to choose from as well. 🙂

    Yes, the beetles will hopefully be good subjects for the lens. Maybe if capturing them in the sunlight so that they are all glistening and shimmery? I think that will be one way of showing their true metallic glory…

    There’s nothing like trilogies. It’s especially entertaining for when guests normally come over. Each day or week (or however often they visit) is like a continuation from the previous visit. It’s something to look forward to, if anything. I tend to try and surprise by playing things that people aren’t aware of. It’s always fun. It makes me wish I had my own movie-theatre…

    Shine on yourself, Kodak Brownie master. 🙂


    Ah, Mr. Craig-slang! I see you slipped up on me! Ha, I promise I’m only "high on Life", and nothing else. 😉

    So, the more you look into this as I’m looking into it, the more I see you, which is me seeing myself, which is really you? Oh, now this is the mind-bendingness that I adore. I have to admit that I am also a ponderer as yourself, as I was just thinking the other day if everyone on Earth screamed or made some type of loud-commotion (by banging on a frying pan, &c., &c.), what would happen around us? I imagine many chaotic things would occur. The mouse maneuvers is hilarious, too. I actually once tried using my "opposite hand" to do the motions and "clickings" and guide-alongs, but quit after learning how difficult it is — especially after being so accustomed to the "stronger hand."

    I’m glad you enjoy this one. I thought of making a silly gesture by mentioning, "those aren’t glasses!", to make people wonder (similar to the polaroid image and the so-called "bubble" — even though that is completely true — it’s not a bubble! Ha!), but decided otherwise for some reason. And yes, I found that this one looks many, many times better in "color" than in black and white. I think Polaroids have spoiled me, as I’ve been more interested in color of late.

    Thanks, as always, for visiting and providing me with such kind words/compliments! 🙂

  28. ", I think you’re, like, the 6th person who has mentioned "Pan’s Labyrinth", and yes I’ve seen it, but I didn’t have that particular film in mind (nor any film, really). "


    I suppose I should have read the previous comments.

    You know, when I was editing the image I just posted to my stream, I was thinking of you. I was thinking of leaving a comment somewhat similar to the one you left for me. I wanted to say that, hey, just because 6 people thought of Pan’s Labyrinth when looking at this, it doesn’t mean that this isn’t completely original in its own right. No one would say ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ if it weren’t for the "recency effect".

    But like you said — or maybe you didn’t say this exactly — all of this is a process, and we’re learning more and more each time we produce something. And it doesn’t really matter what people say, or if there are some "issues" with the image…. or if some images are throwaways.. because ultimately, we just need to trust the process, and trust that eventually, or sporadically, something brilliant will emerge.

  29. Ralph: Just don’t die on me, whatever you do! I imagine you have a lot of people who love you — you must stay alive! Thanks for the kind words and visits, as always!

    Karin: Oh, don’t worry. I was just mentioning the fact that you had said something that was previously said already; which I somehow found interesting, especially considering how it’s rare when I get the same ‘type’ of comments with the same verbiage and perceptions. It’s like ‘squared’ duplicates; times two.

    And, thanks for thinking of me! I’m glad you found my recent comments to be of similar interest, taken-in with consideration. Yes, it’s nothing more than a continuation of a "process", as you mentioned. It would be unjust, for me personally, to attempt to commit myself to a "project" — if you want to call it that, depending on the situation(s) — without leaving the ‘scene’, "project" or "area" where the images are being "produced", without feeling completely satisfied and "complete" — whole, fulfilled — like I am leaving without any holes. I imagine everyone has their own style and ‘way’ of working, but it often is like when I write a poem. Sometimes, before reading philosophies, being introduced, re-introduced, and reflecting back on my past, my histories, things I’ve experienced, it all seems to fail, the poem becomes far too weak. Thus, in the case of making imagery (which is essentially the reversal of textuality), the same goes, but instead, the "reflecting back" is more like "going forward"; or even including such past reflections to add to the image themselves, but attempting to make them all different in their own way — without duplicating their existences. You know? Ha, it probably sounds like a jumbled mass of blabber, but I really don’t know how else to explain it. Often times, the "process" becomes "itself" because of the experimentation (which is trying anything out, thinking of ideas, &c, at the time of attempting to create an image, or creating an image based off of these ‘sudden ideas’ — like out-of-the-blue) that arises from it. Or, IE: Getting up and "doing something" versus already having thought something out, with a plan and a set-idea.

    It certainly doesn’t really matter what anyone says, no. Knowing that people do take the time takes supreme shape within my mind and is truly an honor. But, no, the real "issues", I believe, is pleasing yourself more than attempting to please someone else. When that happens, things can get too frustrating, and when things get frustrating and the ‘fun’ is becoming loosened, then that’s where the "line" should be drawn. I like what you said about "trust" and how we should trust our images, and this is true. If we can’t trust our images, then there is basically no fortitude to carry-on, nor a ‘desire’ there. The self-desire to ‘want’ to create is the real key, in my opinion.

    Thanks for returning! I’m happy you did…

  30. oh yes! that would be amazing! we could develop an entire story to it, and involve masive amounts of pictures with the film…in the film…about the film! YES YES haikus! and of coarse in black and white…this is the only way that I could possably see it in this stage!

    other peculiar projects? why of coarse! I will see what I can do this summer. but it might be a little hard to find a while….I have to take a class in the summer, and I might be doing camp counceling fun stuff! BUT….I will find out how long I have between my summer classes and this one, and take some time offa work! oh how excelent it would be!

    OHOH! and picnics! in some crazy middle of no where field..where we can collect things! and paint crazy ideas on canvas, and eat lots of fruit!

    I think I’ll stop here for now, otherwise I might take up an entire year’s worth of space.

    Terrific Derrick You Make A Summer Trip Find A way To Be

  31. thanks for your recent comments…you are my favorite poly-syllabic photographer.

    Did the title here.

  32. ooh yes, this is BOOMSLANG! if ever anything was!

    i’m reminded of pan’s lab, of course, but there’s also something else here – something about the way the ladder frames it, and the image blurs out at the edges, which reminds me totally of actual dreams.

  33. Oh Derrick….you never fail to amaze me, make me think, make me smile and gaze in wonder…
    love your bizarre mind…..and these eyes, so wide open, oh my!!! 😉

  34. oooooo yesssss!! this totally reminds me of the childeating monster in pan’s labyrinth! which was the best bit ofcourse haha
    fantastic image derrick! as alllllwayz ofcourse 😉

  35. OMG my head is spinning and my mind is reeling! I’m going to have to take some time to absorb this one and get back to you.
    The symbolism is driving me mad…and sometimes I think that is your intension (in a good way of course).

    You are always the one to make me question and think, and I really like that!
    Thank you for this and for your brilliance!!

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  36. I hate factoring polynomials!
    But, OK, as usual, you’ve got me….
    Actually, after I posted my comment I realized that the title refers to the ladder not the person.
    So, after all, it does make sense.

    Seen in my recent comments. (?)

  37. I haven’t had the opportunity to respond individually, but I appreciate each and every one of you who visited and provided me with kind sentiments and compliments! Everything is taken in apropos, believe me! Thanks, thanks, thanks! 🙂

  38. wow, this is amazing.

    Peculiar..i just can’t describe how i feel. and yet i seem to like this so much. haha, hmm.. i wonder what your everyday thoughts are! beautiful work! ;D

  39. Whoa — This is SO cool! I don’t have time right now to read all the comments, but this is so fantastic!! You have such a creative mind Derrick!

  40. Clever and very cool looking. Makes me think of the R2D2 mailbox I just saw in Providence. Of course there isn’t really much of a similarity, but there you have it….the mind is a terrible thing.

  41. Thanks guys! I’m glad you all enjoyed this one…

    …as it was quite enjoyable to create!

    Endless appreciation to each of you.

  42. just catchin’ up with flickr, here. you’re rockin’ my world love! enjoyable to create? well, more enjoyable to behold. 🙂

  43. nothing is what it seems …, thanks for reminding me in ever so wonderfully surprising and eye-opening manners :))

  44. hands are for seeing, eyes for feeling, and still, nothing is what it seems. at first i thought you were caught up in a guillotine… 🙂

  45. Oh my, am I way behind on commenting or what?! — I guess that’s what happens when time ticks faster than you can breathe! I’ll attempt to catch up since the weekend is over and the madness has halted.

    T Bell, Miles, Luna, Marinkel: Thanks for all of your kind words, as always. My thanks is always-always eternal!

    paladinsf: Probably because it’s in the script…;)

  46. First I laughed, then I was creeped out, then I laughed again (nervously) and now I’m not sure what I think so I’ll be back! XOXO

  47. Wow, it almost seems overwhelming to add my comments to such a lengthy collection – but this really caught my eye (no pun intended), it’s the natural progression from the historical example of un chien andalou …. brilliantly conceived and executed.

  48. Hahaha, great!
    I see four pairs of eyes, counting the ones you are blocking and of course your elbows.
    And this is almost subconsciously guillotine-esque!

  49. i can’t even TELL you how strange this looks…
    But the overall picture is something to admire.
    nice shot.
    its very creative.

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