Elder – Progeria Doll Sculpture

Elder – Progeria Doll Sculpture
Image by Shain Erin
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This figure has Progeria, A rare genetic disorder in which symptoms resembling advanced aging appear very early in childhood. Most people with this condition do not live past their early teens.

His right arm, left forearm and right leg are vintage doll parts or replicas thereof. The rest of the figure is hand-made/hand-sculpted by me. His left leg/foot was sculpted in Magic Sculpt, His body is cotton batting and fabric over a steel wire armature and his head is sculpted in Diamond Paperclay. His eyes are glass taxidermy eyes that I stripped and re-painted.

Elder – Progeria Doll Sculpture
Handmade, OOAK art doll. 12 inches tall.
Mixed media including fabric and Paperclay.
Copyright © 2009, Shain Erin. All rights reserved.

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