Everybody is weird

Everybody is weird
Image by °<~ Gabrielle Sinatra ~>°
Cause everybody’s weird
and they all think they’re God
but the biggest one they fear is that precious thing you got.
The fire in your eyes
is a subtlety I know
and you will not be denied
but the service is so slow

– dEUS

15 thoughts on “Everybody is weird

  1. Ouch. Too bad Gab has a mechanical endo-skeleton and isn’t the liquid metal kind of Terminator. That would heal right up. (Ok, I’m DEFINITELY weird. :))

    AWESOME picture. 🙂

  2. Percutant!

    Wow! I think this image is FARKING FANTABULOUS! Your incredible artistic skills and over the top creative vision are very evident here. I’m tempted to fall to the floor and die over this photo, instead, I want to have it proudly grace the pages of the Farking Fantabulous group.
    Won’t you please add it?

  3. *nods* this is so true! And what an amazing way to show it :). Makes it not about how someone acts but who they are to there core :). Deep… and I can relate ;). <#

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