February 19th 2008 – Yes… it’s a modern day Stephen Strange

February 19th 2008 – Yes… it’s a modern day Stephen Strange
Image by Stephen Poff
Okay, thought I’d do one more for the week. I was dying to try out Mav’s lightning tutorial. I thought a version of Stephen Strange might be appropriate.

I began work on a multi-part tutorial for the 365 Days Podcast that discusses photography basics. Thought it might be of some use to those who might be just getting into photography and could use a starter course.

23 thoughts on “February 19th 2008 – Yes… it’s a modern day Stephen Strange

  1. That’s cool. I have not watched the tutorial, but did you do all tis manually or do you hae eyecandy? I have eyecandy, but it’s not installed anymore. I need to find that disc.
    I have downloaded your last two podcast and just not had time to sit and watch.

  2. @ ElBeardo2007 I believe it did. Looks like you found it useful as well ;-).

    @ Mikey Thanks!

    @ the brownhorse I have a standard 110 plug. But I’m hoping that I can get the right converter for when I travel abroad.

    @ davidcampbellphoto Thanks. I did do all of this manually. I used the Mav’s lightning tutorial from the podcast and created the smoke by liquifying a white scribble about 50 times. The rings were just some discs I made on a couple of layers with a transform perspective applied to them.

    @ disco~stu Thanks!

  3. It’s a VERY cool shot – but it’s been the icon for 3 weeks now… could you please name a successor here until tomorrow (April 2) midnight? Thanks!

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