Gold Lame Uchikake(?)

Gold Lame Uchikake(?)
Image by snowfoxcreations / ningyousuki
New purchase from Ebay. A bit weird, but probably an uchikake, this item is definitely an antique (the fabric is old and the lining appears to be benibana) but the hem is not padded, and it’s only long enough to reach around my ankles (I’m 5’6".) Also, the collar is a bit weird- I’m not really sure how to state it, but it doesn’t feel like the other uchikake we have in our collection. I was thinking that it *might* be a stage costume (the WHOLE THING is metallic lame, which is common in that sort of thing, but rare in others) but perhaps it’s just a very weird uchikake??? Thoughts??? (@_@)

Also, how much do you guys think this is worth? ‘Cause, I totally bought it to open the front of the sleeves + fold up and sew in the bottoms to make an uwagi for a juunihitoe, but I’d freak if I did that and then it turned out to be super-valuable or something. >_<; I don’t plan on actually cutting ANYTHING, just in case, but I’d love to make it the outer layer for the "ShiraGiku" ("white chrysanthemum") color scheme. (To see the colors of that, open this page and search for shiragiku.)

I think it’s just a really weird, fairly old uchikake, but any info would be useful.

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