Google Search Gone Wrong ~ The Shit Fountain

Google Search Gone Wrong ~ The Shit Fountain
Image by Viewminder
The kids were drivin’ me crazy and it was only a couple of days into their winter break.

I had to get out of the house and go do something…

so I got onto google and I typed ‘weird shit in Chicago.’

This came up.

I have to admit…

I’d never heard of the Shit Fountain before.

‘Could it possibly be real’ I wondered.

I got the kids in the car and I plugged the coordinates of this mystical sight into the GPS.

I told them we were gonna see something cool.

I didn’t tell them exactly what it was.

It was going to be a surprise.

‘This better not be like that time you took us to see all the Dutch windmills in Illinois in one day dad’ one of them chided.

They’re still bitter about that.

‘I hope it’s not some historical marker or something like that either.’

I only told them that I was gonna take them to see something like they had never seen before.

Parking the car I gathered them up and crossed the street…

When they saw it their jaws dropped…

they looked at each other and one of them said…

‘dad… you’re an idiot.’

Followed by…

‘I’ll be in the car’

and ‘me too.’

I thought it was kinda edgy though.

I heard that it’s a piece of protest art created by a guy who got sick of people not cleaning up after their dogs.

I thought maybe it was a commentary on the state of Chicago politics.


it was a very quiet drive to the Chicago History Museum after that.

‘This better be a real museum dad.’

If you wanna check out the Shit Fountain in Chicago it’s at 1005 N. Wolcott Avenue.

49 thoughts on “Google Search Gone Wrong ~ The Shit Fountain

  1. I kept looking at this photo trying to figure out what that was all the while not reading the pedestal and only after reading did I get it. Nasty and that’s right up there as great stuff for me. Thanks for posting.

  2. I really enjoy photographing fascinating and controversial shit up close.

    You gotta check this place out.

    It’s almost ‘inspirational.’

    edit shit 3 color VM1_2452

    Famed artist Erzy S. Kenar is well known for his dramatic pieces and his ‘over the top’ use of natural fibers.

    The response in the neighborhood has been mixed to say the least…

    "We’re trying to make this neighborhood beautiful and he puts up a shit fountain?" says resident Jeanne Felknor, whose garden club has installed plants on more than 150 East Village parkways. "But I must say, after I [saw it], I laughed all the way home."

  3. Make that ‘a pilgrimage!’

    With all the bullshit in this world it’s about time someone built a monument to it!

    edit shit fountain 5 color VM1_2472

    Looking for that ‘special place’ to tell your husband or wife that you want a divorce?

    Start a new tradition at Shit Fountain!

  4. One of my friends is surprised that I haven’t seen it yet, since it’s pretty near my place. She tried describing it, but it sounds so mundane in conversation. She insisted we needed to go despite her inability to properly glorify it.

  5. That’s the biggest piece of shit you’ll ever see!

    edit 3 shit color VM1_2488

    I can’t wait to see how this photograph is stolen and used in the most appropriately inappropriate ways.

  6. At first I said ‘no way’ despite your picture of it, but now I just think its hilarious! Next time I go to Chicago, I wanna see it & get my picture with it. Awesome find!

  7. I started off thinking ‘only in America…’, but the more I thought about it, the more I could imagine an angry householder in suburban, middle England who has done everything he thinks he can to complain about people not cleaning up after their dogs doing something like that. Reminds me of a line I heard in a play…’why do turds have a pointed end? …so your arse doesn’t slam shut…’.

  8. from the thumbnail i thought you were standing over a dead dog. made me crazy…and not wanting to make it larger….but it’s you, so i did. what? huh? really? no…really? it IS something that makes me mad…how hard is it to bend over and pick up after one’s dog…but wow, mad enough to erect a sculpture…hmmm.

    UPDATE: great, my hh just left his office to go see this ode to poop. 2:55pm
    it’s going to be a scatalogical evening i’m afraid.

  9. [] You gotta let us know if he was ‘moved’ by his visit Renee!

    Five times the height of the Empire State Building… if you wanna keep up with him tonight … you should check this out…

    After the Shit Fountain I wanted to take the kids to see a sculpture of a ‘dirty pile of snow’ but by the time we’d finished up at the Chicago History Museum they’d apparently had enough of my shenanigans.

    Plus there were dirty piles of snow all around anyway.

    Or dirty piles lightly dusted with snow more accurately.

    The kids said that maybe a sculpture of a dirty pile of snow would have more effect in August or something when the temperature is like a hundred degrees out.

    "Sculptor Tony Tasset created this replica pile of Chicago snow for window display in the old Goldblatt’s department store. Some trash was artfully strewn in the work to enhance the realism of plow-darkened city street snow."

    THAT sounds AWESOME!

    I think some one needs to get out to 1637 W. Chicago Avenue and photograph this excellent and creative piece of art AND interview whomever is behind it…


    After the neighborhood bars close Shit Fountain is hoppin’!

    Photographs swiped from


    You’ll wanna get there early… before the tour buses loaded with German tourists arrive!

    After you’ve taken in the sight… you gotta check out this ‘toilet themed restaurant’…

  10. That looks like a new improved version. I remember seeing a shot a few years ago where it wasn’t quite so sturdily constructed.

  11. ‘sTURDILY!’

    You rock the flick bk!

    edit shit 2 color VM1_2479

    Rumor has it that if you’re suffering from constipation that a visit to the Shit Fountain will bring you blessed regularity.

    It’s like Chicago’s own ‘Blarney Stone!’

    After your visit be sure to stop in to the ‘Brick Shithouse Giftshop’

    You can check out ‘Shit Fountain’ the video right here…

  12. this is far more arresting and jaw dropping than a simple seascape
    I hope there is a doggy pickup bag dispenser nearby to further make his point

  13. What a fascinating AND educational video!

    I’d say that all children should be encouraged to view it but if they accidentally click on one of those videos to the side of it Mom might get a little upset!

    Go to this website… enter a fake birthday close to your own and you will learn some amazing facts about you and your poo…

    and if you like freaky break-dancing elves that look like Viewminder check this out……

  14. Certainly an attraction worth checking out! I’ll put that one on my list of "must see’s" along with the toilet restaurant in Taiwan!

  15. hahahaha…. the sculpture is a hoot!! and your commentary is hilarious. don’t worry, someday your kids will have a sense of humor and laugh about your adventure to the 8th wonder…. until then they will be filled with teenage angst (just like we were).

    btw- is it a water fountain too! how cool would that be?!

  16. So Im lazy, & dont wanna read a lot of probably really cool, funny comments, is it an actual fountain?? Cus’ that would be AWESOME!

  17. The Shit Fountain is indeed a water fountain.

    It takes someone with a very strong constitution to drink from it though.

    Local legend says one sip of it’s cool waters will make you regular for a month.

    Happy New Year everyone!

  18. This still cracks me up. I wonder who paid for this in actuality….probablu us, the taxpayers. It should be an award for politicians….they all drink from this fountain. You crack me up View!!!!!

  19. Okay, prior to this, that phrase would have evoked that image of the young Asian woman in the basin. Thank gahd I’ve got something to replace that with — thought I’d have to bleach my brain.

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