Graco Day 2 Night Sleep System, Ardmore

Graco Day 2 Night Sleep System, Ardmore

  • Graco’s Day2Night Sleep System, in Ardmore, is an integrated baby sleep solution for seamless day and nighttime sleep
  • Comfy bedroom bassinet is an infant sleeper that keeps baby close by overnight
  • Parents can carry baby throughout the home, with cozy, portable bassinet
  • Playard Bassinet creates a cozy nest for baby to rest
  • Folding stand securely holds the bassinet, for baby’s sleep anywhere in the house

This playard features a built-in, cushioned baby changer.
View larger The Ardmore fashion is stylish and sophisticated, perfect for boys or girls.
View larger Graco Day2Night Sleep System: Bedroom Bassinet & Pack ‘n Play Playard All-in-One, in Ardmore Baby Sleep System Where baby will sleep is always a question that new moms think a lot about. Graco’s Day2Night Sleep System, in Ardmore, is the answer. It is truly an integrated baby sleep solution for seamless day and nighttime sle

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3 thoughts on “Graco Day 2 Night Sleep System, Ardmore

  1. 30 of 31 people found the following review helpful
    2.0 out of 5 stars
    Not for long babies that like to stretch out., July 7, 2013

    This review is from: Graco Day 2 Night Sleep System, Ardmore (Baby Product)
    We loved this product when it arrived. We thought we had the perfect solution but once our little girl was born it was pretty usless after about a month. First, the changing table is on a slight angle and our little one was very strong, active and squirmy. She ended up rolling into the plastic side because of the downward angle. It is not a flat service. Second , the separate bassinet part was great for about a month but then our little one got too long and she wanted to stretch out and would hit into the plastic sides. We attempted to convert the pack and play part into a higher infant service but as another reviewer stated you can’t remove the pocket inserts. We will be using this as a play yard when our newborn gets older but for now it is a waste of space.
    Another thing to note: no sheets can go on or into the portable bassinet. You have to take the whole liner out of you need to wash it.


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  2. 33 of 35 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    EXACTLY what I wish I’d had with my newborn, March 27, 2013

    This review is from: Graco Day 2 Night Sleep System, Ardmore (Baby Product)
    Customer review from the Amazon Vine Program (What’s this?)
    This is absolutely the perfect combo for me–I just wish they’d had it sooner!

    This is an excellent set for a work-at-home parent who uses a combination car seat instead of an infant car seat.

    While we decided that a combo seat made the most sense for us, I often wished I had an easy way to tote my baby around (to shower, cook dinner, etc) without waking her, and I envied the infant car seat people their handy baby baskets.

    The baby basket bassinet thingy can sit on the stand (very handy height next to a desk or bed), on the playyard bassinet, or can be easily toted anywhere around the home without waking the baby. The stand and playyard both have great storage areas, so you can keep one in your bedroom or living room and the other in your office, and always have your supplies right at hand.

    The play yard is DELUXE, easy to open and close and very sturdy. I have a Graco Pack ‘n Play On the Go Travel Playard, Go Green and while it’s just fine, this is way snazzier. It’s slightly higher, so easier on your back, but it’s also bigger and sturdier–has additional metal rails as well as the side clips. The bassinete/storage insert is very secure and cleverly designed with a flip-up changing table with raised sides (the storage area is under it). Everything is very well designed and the quality is excellent.

    The bassinet insert is different from many playards. Instead of a large open shelf, this is permanently divided into sections. Half has a semi-rigid rounded, tapered wall, making a bassinet area about the size of a traditional standalone bassinette–and in fact, the detached basket fits inside it. Then there is a rigid divider with a board insert, and on the other side, under the changer, there is a partition dividing the remaining half in two for storage.. I have a basicp Graco playard as well and its bassinete insert is simply an open area the full size, a different setup.

    I do wish the dividers in the bassinet insert were secured with velcro instead of permanent so you had more flexibility to change the configuration if desired. That would have sent me over the moon.

    There’s even a vibrating napper feature and an mp3 player jack, fantastic if you like to use a white noise app to put baby to sleep instead of the heinous soundtracks on most musical baby gear.

    The directions are clear and easy. The only part I found conufsing was the 2nd hinge thingy on the changer, but there’s really only one way it can go; and I initially snapped the bassinete insert on facing the wrong end, so the storage side wasn’t on the same side with the holes for the changer. Those are about the only steps that were at all tricky. Assembly of everything, plus practicing opening and closing the playard, took about 40 minutes.

    You’ll need 1 D battery for the vibrating feature and 2 AA batteries for the mp3 player.

    I’m psyched to have this set even now, but it would have been an absolute godsend in that first month.

    I would say you could easily get away with just this set, no crib or changer or infant carseat (opting for longer lived combo seat instead) for the first 6-8 mos, maybe longer–especially with a small baby. It would be a really smart option if you want to wait and see what gear you really need for your home/baby, as everything folds down to a pretty small footprint for ultimate storage.

    UPDATE: While the baby has outgrown the bassinet, the play yard gets almost daily use. One thing I’ve since realized is that this is too wide to fit through our 36″ doorways without some fenagling. Eventually you can shove it through, but it does get caught up at the hinge of the changer frame. Just something to know if you’re planning to move it from room to room (it doesn’t have wheels like some, so I don’t think it’s so much designed for that).


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  3. 6 of 7 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Good & Bad, October 1, 2013
    Leeshie R (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) –

    This review is from: Graco Day 2 Night Sleep System, Ardmore (Baby Product)
    I debated back and forth about how my newborn would spend his first few months…. in a bassinet? In a pack-n-play in our room? In his crib? I didn’t want to waste money on a bassinet that would only be used for (at most) the first several months of his life. I also didn’t want to have a huge pack-n-play set up in my bedroom for a tiny little baby to sleep in. I saw this “sleep system” and thought it would be perfect. To start, it’s super expensive compared to other pack-n-plays, but I reasoned that I was saving money by not buying a bassinet as well. And I do really like the bassinet that comes with it – especially since it has its own stand so I don’t have to keep the pack-n-play put together at all times. In that respect, it worked out well in the beginning.

    Having said all that…. we ended up bringing the actual pack-n-play portion of the system to my parents’ house so the baby would have somewhere to be changed and to sleep while he’s there. Similar to others, this one has an incredibly thin/hard “mattress” – I use that term (very) loosely. You really need to spend an additional $30-$40 to buy one of those foam inserts to make it even remotely comfortable if you plan to have your child sleep or nap on it for any length of time. The changing station, as others have mentioned, sort of slopes towards the center of the pack-n-play so the baby is constantly rolling to one side. I also have to disagree with most other commenters who say that having the storage area under the changing station is convenient. I find it incredibly INCONVENIENT. How am I supposed to access anything when the baby is in the process of being changed? What if there’s a huge blow out and I don’t have time to pull everything out before getting the baby on to the changing table to be cleaned? I can’t flip it up to grab stuff with the baby on it. So I usually just throw all that stuff in the compartment made for the bassinet to fit into – which, for now, I never use because it’s still kept at my house on the stand. For the price, it should come with an organization piece that hangs off the side (which I am sure you can purchase for additional money)…. that would be much more convenient.

    Because it’s kept at my parents’ house, I haven’t really played with it too much. I’m not sure if I just haven’t figured it out yet, but I can’t see how to remove the compartment pieces and keep the mattress up towards the top. It appears that with this system, you either have the compartments there or you have to lower the mattress to the bottom. If I’m wrong, PLEASE, somebody let me know how this can be done.

    Another thing that bugs me…. I do like the bassinet – but I don’t like that you cannot purchase a mattress pad, protector, or sheets for it. It’s one piece and you can’t even purchase an extra unless you contact Graco directly. It’s machine washable which is nice, but you have to let it air dry – well, if your baby has an accident and you have to wait for it to air dry – you might be waiting for a while. They should really come with an extra insert or at the very least, have them available to purchase from the same place the pack-n-play is sold. Just sayin.

    Would I purchase this again? Maybe. I figure we’ll eventually need the pack-n-play for when we travel, and the bassinet is very convenient for the first few months. Do I think this system has flaws and is overpriced? Absolutely.

    Disclaimer – we purchased from Buy Buy Baby so the price was about $275 before using a 20% off coupon – item was not in stores so we could not see it before purchasing, and was shipped directly to our home. I believe Babies R Us has a similar model (different color) that you can view in store before buying. If you’re thinking of purchasing this system, I’d recommend finding a store that sells it so you can see it and compare it to the cheaper pack-n-play systems that are available. You can get one for much less that will probably suit your needs just as well.


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