Handcuffed Wife (Weird News No. 1)

Handcuffed Wife (Weird News No. 1)
Image by “Caveman Chuck” Coker
I thought this lock was fascinating. For some odd reason, it caught my attention. I wonder what it used to protect. Why isn’t it protecting anything now? Who might have walked through here? Who might have tried to walk through here?

Gallup, New Mexico

Weird News

Dearborn Police Free Handcuffed Wife

By Tammy Stables Battaglia, Free Press Staff Writer

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dearborn, Michigan — A Dearborn man learned this morning that when you handcuff your wife to the bed, you make sure you know where the key is first.

Dearborn Police officers responded to a call at 7:15 a.m. today by the man requesting help, Sgt. Ray Patrick said. They had to use a universal key to free the woman.

“I think it was more of an intimate relationship than an unlawful imprisonment,” Patrick said.

Source: Battaglia, Tammy Stables. "Dearborn Police Free Handcuffed Wife." Detroit Free Press. 11 Dec. 2008. <http://www.freep.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=200881211023>


21 thoughts on “Handcuffed Wife (Weird News No. 1)

  1. Excellent photographer!

    Seen in FRIENDS group.

    Your shot is awesome! It does make you think, when you see something like this…..what is its history?? If only inanimate objects could talk…..

  2. Its a fine image. Very crisp. Looks like a rail yard back there. Adlake was/is a longtime maker of railroad equipment. Lanterns, locks, etc.

  3. vjstark — Thank you. If objects could talk, I’m sure there would be lots of stories to tell.

    The Snake 12 Edu Rickes xjutta65x tomas teneketzis — Thank you.

    Pete Zarria — This was on Route 66 near 8th Street. The fence was between the street and the railroad tracks.

    ballmerrocks — Thank you.

    jexux — Gracias.

  4. I was just thinking the old road runs along the tracks Past the Santa Fe depot. If you get back that way,the Muni parking Lot sign looks neon, it wasn’t lit when we went through. Its West of the station on 66.

  5. Pete Zarria — I’ll have to look for that the next time I’m in the neighborhood, whenever that may be. This photo is geotagged, so you can click the map link under Additional Information and see exactly where I was standing.

  6. wishiwsthr — I’ll see what I can do about that. I can try to fix the rust in Photoshop or GIMP, or I could go back to Gallup, soak the lock in water, and wait.

  7. I think that maybe this lock doesn’t make people pay at it any attention, but you photographed it so that it catches one’s attention, mine also. This picture is really good 🙂

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