happy birthday stranger

happy birthday stranger
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5-30-2006 11:59pm: I pop in my favorite Billy Joel SACD (The Stranger), slip on my favorite headphones (Sennheiser HD600), press play, set it to my favorite Billy Joel song (Scenes From an Italian Restaurant), adjust the volume of my headphone amplifier (HeadRoom Little), turn off the lights, lie on my bed and relax

5-31-2006 12:00am: I officially turn 30

14 thoughts on “happy birthday stranger

  1. Thanks everyone…. preciate it.

    "fo·gy also fo·gey (fg)
    n. pl. fo·gies also fo·geys
    A person of stodgy or old-fashioned habits and attitudes"

    I actually had to look that up, thanks Chris. 😛

  2. What, no Flickr meetup involving large quanties of beverages? That’s not a way to celebrate man!

    At least we could have crashed your party and then said we’re sorry or something. But I take photos of traffic cones. I might be as crazy as they say.

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