Hello, Mr. President

Hello, Mr. President
Image by erin m
I’ve been having a generally weird week, and it’s only Monday. I lost at Scrabble tonight, ate too much food, talked too much at dinner, and still managed to head out of Metro with a smile on my face because a favorite Voxtrot song came on my iPod. So highs and low there, ok?

But nothing about that manic evening could really compare to running into this guy on the walk home from Metro. I saw him coming from a few yards away, as we approached each other from opposite sides of the judiciary building by Union Station.

"Can I ask why," I asked.

"It’s Presidents’ Day," he said. "What do you do for Presidents’ Day?" The tone suggested that whatever I did today, it was insufficiently respectful of our founding fathers.

He let me take a picture, and he even suggested a spot for better lighting. He was on his way to a karaoke party (!), where he planned to sing The Proclaimers’ "I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)." I said something stupid about the word "haver," and he was on his way.

And that is why I love this city.

14 thoughts on “Hello, Mr. President

  1. I heard people telling each other "Happy Presidents’ Day" this morning. I’d never thought of this as a day to… celebrate? I’m all in favor of more irreverent joviality around here, though.

  2. I love this *so hard*.

    Today I learned that Pres. John Tyler still has two living grandkids, and he left the presidency in 1845! Crazy.

  3. That’s the worst…Abe impersonator…ever. 😉

    Holy crap, I thought John Tyler found a DeLorean time machine or something. And I think it’s funny that his enemies called him "His Accidency…"

  4. it’s weird that you lost at scrabble? =d

    also: erin wants to know if you got his name (because, you know, you’re not a good journalist unless you do).

  5. I’ve lost the last two times now. It’s.. very frustrating 🙂

    And no, I didn’t get his name. I wanted to ask for it but was ashamed to after making a stupid joke about karaoke. The whole time my brain was saying, "bad journalist, bad," so tell her I at least feel guilty about it.

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