How Weird Street Faire

How Weird Street Faire
Image by jerekeys
The 8th annual How Weird Street Faire on Sunday May 6, 2007!

The How Weird Street Faire is an experiment in creating peace by the World Peace Through Technology Organization. It is a meta-community formed of the diverse music, art, political, and social communities of the entire San Francisco Bay Area, working together and finding similarities instead of differences.

For the eighth and last time, our traditional home on Howard Street will be transformed into a festival of peace. The How Weird Street Faire is being forced to relocate due to its overwhelming success, so it’s leaving the neighborhood in style – featuring five city blocks of high quality music, art, performances, vendors from around the world, and much more. Art and decor will be provided by Anon Salon. Music will be provided by CCC, Sunset, Om, Tantra, Symbiosis, Earthdance, Harmony Festival, Lowpro Lounge, Dub Beautiful, False Profit, and Music Without Borders (El Circo, Get Freaky, Muti, and Raindance).

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