In Your Awakening, Still Make a ‘Sleep Noise’

In Your Awakening, Still Make a ‘Sleep Noise’
Image by DerrickT

36 thoughts on “In Your Awakening, Still Make a ‘Sleep Noise’

  1. John: Somehow there’s now a fly buzzing in my ear! 😉 (a sound of a woman in high-heels walking down a hallway, trop trop shtrop trop, panning from ear-to-ear) [someone eating a piece of pie in 1:47 as well] … … with e_es wide o_en. Thank you, as always! I’m quite happy that you are now relieved. 🙂

    kbozen: Wow, thank you! That’s such a wonderful compliment and my appreciation to your visits and words are always sincere! 🙂

  2. Missing tags I am remembering or imagining:
    • Uncle with the Somnambulist homesick blues
    • who put the shoop in the shoop-do-wop-do-wop
    • somnambulism is the only way to fly
    • Who put the ram in the ram-a-lam-a-ding-dong
    • it’s a good idea to check which are the supporting walls before renovating
    • Our shadows tell us more about our selves than all but our closest friends will
    • i dropped the torch again
    • ingmar bergman said not to pick it up, just to leave it there
    * boo

  3. B-Mill: Haha! After doing the typical "Ann"-wheeze-laugh (orginal_ann) after viewing those "missing tags" (thank you, by the way, and she doesn’t always do them, just on specific incidents and the like) I realized that tadpoles are indeed screaming in my ear now and eventually half of my head will become a Toad, and I shall walk around this way, happy and proud, holding up a "FREE HUGS" sign.

    I put the shoo-wop-doobie-doo into scooby-doo like goo but without Dave Grohl and his "Foo" clan and Boo back to you! The supporting walls are really the sounds of battle between a Hatfield and The North record and the combination of flour and water! I fly on the emblem of a Ingmar Bergman sword held by all of his fans.

    Happy Halloween, B-Mill! Always good to see you over here!

  4. FANTASTICAL! theres so much feeling to this photo! so dramatic and dark! i love it! keep up the GREAT work! i love your photos!

  5. Scandiholegg: Glad you like! Thanks for the comments! 🙂

    Janelle: Your comments are even more FANTASTICAL! Thank you, as always!! 🙂

  6. Oh that shot again. Black ‘n white is always nice, I say. And forgive my not so great mind, but what is a somnambulist? do tell pls cos I don’t feel like searching for the word. I cannot comprehend. But yer photo’s cool 😀

  7. asian girl: Oh, don’t worry! Not everyone knows what a "somnambulist" is because it isn’t a "commonly used" word, I suppose. Although, I enjoy uncommonly used words and try to keep a log of them, so I guess that’s no reason to not know it, but you get the idea. 🙂 …There’s nothing much to it really, as it is basically just another name for a person who "sleepwalks", which is also a "sleep disorder" (depending on the person’s ‘case’)…"where the sufferer engages in activities that are normally associated with wakefulness while asleep or in a sleep-like state" (quotes from Wikipedia just for further information!)…

    So, there you go! If you ever get a chance, check out the silent film, The Cabinent of Dr. Caligari (as I depicted in the other photo with an actual cabinent! Ha!) and you will see what the word is most "known" for, at least among filmists! I’ve never actually heard a doctor use the term "somnambulist" when referring to someone who sleepwalks as most of them rely on other scientific definitions when explaining it to the patient and the patient’s friends, family, etc., etc…although I suppose it depends on the particular doctor. 🙂

    Anyhow, thank you, as always, for stopping in! Much, much appreciation!!

  8. Even in your sleep you have something to say…so as you ambulate in the darkness through the sea of maddness, t hink of another
    soul hovering to observe.
    Happy Halloween, sweet Derrick

  9. Wakeful sleep or sleeping wakefulness? Somnambulism can raise all sorts of doubt – – however, a hand over the vital organs and another connected with one’s shadow confirms vitality and validates one’s own existance.

    And with this now confirmed, he relaxes enough to employ the faculties of clear perception of, and vision into, the realms of the invisible world. (Trespassing, where others are unable to venture, now begins…. )

    Fantastic, Derrick! Mr. Uncle-man appears to have very long arms!! :))

  10. love this derrick! looks like uncle is reaching out to touch the shadow-leg of a gargantuous giant. leads me to believe that he and this giant share some lonely dark fate. 🙂
    wonderfully suggestive.

  11. I’d like to see a 50s monster flick…..
    Somnambulist vs. Captain Narcolepsy.

    (I’m not making fun of narcolepsy, now. I’m not. I understand how serious it is.)

  12. Ohhh thanks to all of you! I’m going to have to escape the individual replies this time, but just remember that each of your words reverberate, reverberate, reverberate (say that a few times in a row! ha!). 🙂

  13. depassagem: Ha! Thanks, my friend!

    stelka: Go ahead, I won’t mind. 🙂 Thanks as always!

    susafri: Hahaha! That’s hilarious, although there is one thing that I know I am certain of…

    Derrick = Light years away from being a "Sexsomaniac!!"

  14. Somehow I missed this in the Contacts folder (getting too damn many contacts, but there’s so much talent out there!) and thankfully spotted it in the Broken Mirror group.

    Another fantastic shot with resiquite director chair staging. Once again, I worry what the walker did during "sleep"!

  15. I just thought of Matthew Barney’s work and wondered whether you liked it. Anyway, I’m nuts about this photo though I can’t really explain why right now. I’ll try and come back!

  16. Many people who sleep walk report of awakening filled with a sense of great purpose, their whole body filled with single minded intent. The problem is upon wakening, you find yourself standing in the weirdest places trying to hold on to that purpose. DerrickT & all – did you ever sleepwalk? I used to find myself at our front door with my hand on the doorknob about to go out. I was kind of thankful my body stopped me before I went wandering around on the mountain in my sleep, I can’t imagine waking up outside wondering where the f__k you were, and how do I get back, and who are these people???

  17. Kathy, Diogo, HapaK, Ricardo: Thanks to all of you, as always, my friends! Always appreciate the wonderful words! 🙂

    dollseye: Oh yes, I love Mathew Barney! 🙂 …and I am quite happy that this makes you "nuts", for we are all nuts at some point or another. Some people are more "warped" than others, which I think I land somewhere in that category. 😉

    Are you familiar with Misha Gordin? I think you’d be interested! 🙂

    Justine: Ha! This actually happened to someone I know, who said that he woke up one morning in a ditch a few miles away from his home…completely naked. Chill-bumps arose on my body, because it was quite eerie the way he was describing the sensations and the various events. As for myself, I’ve woken up with different clothes on that morning that what I had when I went to bed…which is somewhat creepy as well. This has happened twice, I believe.

    And wow, I am quite happy that your body didn’t allow you to carry on as well! Perhaps your guardian angel was there to protect you! There’s no telling where you may have ended up had you carried on! Or, who would have seen you and tried to take advantage of you in some sickening fashion! I’m glad you came out alright. Is this the only "sleep-walking" event that has ever happened to you?

    Thank you, as always, for the visits and the comments! 🙂

  18. It seems to me like he’s a little bit thoughtful and melancholic… love the play of shadows, the posture and make-up of the somnambulist…great!

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