in/visible man?

in/visible man?
Image by limowreck666
my radiotherapy mask from my December 2005 batch of 20 treatments. i took it home as a souvenir, now it sits about in my room like some weird piece of art! 😛

17 thoughts on “in/visible man?

  1. i’m adding this to a few comments groups to see if anyone has any interseting ideas on how to make a more interesting shot of this! 😀

  2. impressive given your explanations and I hope you’re feeling better by now but as far as the picture is concerned it lacks something imo.

    Score 6/10 (from the Score Me!

  3. i agree leyaya, i’m hoping some bright spark out there has a good suggestion as to how to shoot something transparent and obscure like this! 😀

  4. thanks panzer, yeah its a weird thing to experience wearing, it’s a perfect mould of me (or it was then) and it gets fixed onto the bed of the machine really tightly, so it’s as tight as you can have it to restrict you from moving at all when you’re getting treated… they need to be pretty precise.

    when i was fitted for it and they were marking the laser lines etc on in pen i was in it for approx 40 minutes, it wasn’t pleasant, but daily treatments only required about 7 or 8 minutes wear time.

    here’s what my neck etc looked like afterwards. 😛

    dave radiotherapy neck

  5. Hi Thanks for posting to the body casting pool, hope things are good for you. It reminds me of the clear acrylic bodies we used for theme-park animatronics

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