Kath Is Stranger #15

Kath Is Stranger #15
Image by johngarghan
A bit of a technical challenge here as I’m trying to get Kaths face and her T Shirt which features Einstein Theory of Relativity, into focus. I don’t like using flash but with the restricted light conditions in the pub it would have been a help

Normally when I ask someone to take their photograph there’s a few seconds of hesitation when I’m thinking “Oh dear is this the one to say NO”? but Kath didn’t take any persuading. I didn’t have chance to give her the Flickr site details either.

I ‘m asking complete strangers who have the photogenic something if they would like their photo taken.and therefore join 100 Strangers Project.
Website: www.100strangers.com
Flickr group: www.flickr.com/groups/100strangers/
Kath is Stranger 15

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