Kisses for Weird Aunt Martha

Kisses for Weird Aunt Martha
Image by Mean and Pinchy
Polly sends you fuzzy moth smooches! Here’s your requested face shot, and if you say anything like that antlers comment again, I’m sending you the bill for my ER visit because I laughed so hard that I choked half to death on my Doritos (don’t tell my mother that was lunch!)

25 thoughts on “Kisses for Weird Aunt Martha

  1. He had the softest little feet, and if he were bigger, I probably would’ve hugged him!

    Not a pet, really. I found the cocoon last fall and stuck it in my kitchen window, between the glass and screen. "Polly" emerged today, but these are very short-lived insects, so he had to be let free to find himself a lovely lady moth.

  2. oh, what a remarkable story!! it’s too bad that insects have such short lives….they are so intricate & beautiful!! i would like to hug him, too!! i viewed him LARGE and he reminds me of a space creature from a star wars movie!!! he’s soooooooo cute!! 🙂

  3. My first thought was that his legs look like spider legs. So nice of you to have raised him to be the handsome fellow we see here. I wish him well.

  4. Thanks so much for your lovely comments, everyone–Polly would be proud!

    She didn’t exactly lie. Clothes moths (family Tineidae) might eat them, if your undies were made of fur or wool (were they? ) Your unmentionables are quite safe from these moths, though, because the adults live only long enough to reproduce and do not eat at all. You’re still warped…but we like you that way.

    That was Mothra. This is Polly, come to avenge the memory of his ancestor. Look out, Godzilla!

  5. YAY!! Weird Aunt Martha approves and encourages you to check out those FANTASTIC antler / fans / antennae in large size!!

    Thank goodness your camera equipment was nowhere near by when you had your Dorito incident, I’d be sending you some $$$ for replacements!!!

  6. Hee! You said "antlers" and I immediately got a very odd mental image of two guy moths butting heads as they engaged in a bitter battle to win the affections of a lovely lady! Doritos + airway = discomfort!

  7. Polly was a magnificent creature. When I went to the kitchen that morning and saw him newly emerged, I just stood there for several minutes, repeating, "Oh, you are so beautiful. Look at you. You’re soooo beautiful…"

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