La крышка

La крышка
Image by ressaure
Now this is a weird mystery that blows my mind. And has for years. This is a lid on one of the manholes in the Novosibirsk State University campus. One of many, nothing special about it. However, something tells me that it originated elsewhere… wild guess – Spain?
I think you’d agree that a chunk of iron this size isn’t exactly a portable gadget. And Russia isn’t really an iron-importing country. Especially when it comes to lugging a spanish sewer lid for 6 000 km just to cover a manhole in Siberia.

Who? How? When? What for? %@!!&#%%%#()&$ !!!

P.S. insomniacal brainstorming –> a "fresh" look at the problem –> a "smart" explanation – Russia is metal-exporting, so it must be a leftover from a batch manufactured for Spain 🙂

5 thoughts on “La крышка

  1. Are there many of them on the campus?

    Nice puzzle. This reminds me that I should take pictures of manhole covers around here. I don’t think any were transported mysteriously 6000 km, though.

  2. Perhaps they bought it because it was the rest of a closed manufacture….than it is cheap….
    or a building company was on work on the campus who organnized all….
    we here in germany thave also "mysteries",here is in near of my town, there is a sewer cap with arabic written text…in a german town!

    Hope you nderstand me!

    Please take pics also from your "russian" manhole covers in your environment – I am very intersted in such pics!

    Thanks and greetings

  3. I’m glad I’m drawn back here by a late comment — I see your possible answer to the puzzle, that these were meant for export from Russia to Catalonia. Sounds reasonable!

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