Life is Such a Strange Journey

Life is Such a Strange Journey
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The camera has led me to so many interesting places.

It’s led me to meet some really fascinating people.

It’s opened up doors and brought me to the threshold of so many opportunities.

It led me to meet a man named George Anastaplo.

A man who to this day I have failed to capture the way that I ‘saw’ him on the day that we met.

I was contacted by the organizers of this event after they’d seen my photographs of George on flickr.

They used one of my photographs in their flyer for the event.

It’s the black and white image in the work above these words.

I admire George Anastaplo.

Freedom means a lot to me.

He stood up and made sacrifices that cost him so much…

to defend our freedom and the liberties that so many others died to give us.

In the strange journey that is life and because of the photographs I’ve taken of him, I’ve come to be acquainted with an author who is writing a biography about George Anastaplo.

We met over coffee the other day.

That acquaintance has given me the opportunity to shoot George again.

Probably a few times.

George might even ‘let’ me.

I promised myself almost a year ago that I would capture the ‘soul’ of this man in a photograph.

George Anastaplo fought his fight… our fight… all the way up to the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

Where he lost.

We’ve all got to fight to defend our freedoms as Americans in today’s world.

Each of us needs to do our part.

Both Justice Hugo Black and I agree when it comes to George Anastaplo when he said:

"He took too much of the responsibility of preserving that freedom upon himself.’

It is such an honor to be able to photograph a man that I admire and respect as a patriot and a thinker and to be able to share those images with the world.

There are times when the camera leaves me humbled.

This is one of those times.

4 thoughts on “Life is Such a Strange Journey

  1. Congratulations!! So well deserved! Your shots of George are wonderful. I have no doubt that in the new ones you take will be the one you’ve been after since the day you saw him crossing the street.

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