Lonely Stranger… The Other…!!!

Lonely Stranger… The Other…!!!
Image by Denis Collette…!!!
I’ve to be receptive to the lonely stranger, cause I’m a lonely stranger too…!!!
I’ve to be receptive to others, cause I’m the other too…!!!

Eric Clapton… Unplugged… Lonely Stranger…!!!

111 thoughts on “Lonely Stranger… The Other…!!!

  1. Such a sensuous shot! I love the soft focus on the surround which draws you into that centre. I love the intimacy – perfect for don’t be a lonely stranger 🙂

  2. Such an artistic composition!

    Have a great week dear Wizard 😉


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  3. Let’s all huddle together like these lovely botanicals…we all share the same space just like these different plants. Beautiful capture. I love that song!

  4. luv the shot & thoughts
    awesome work
    have a great time ;))

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  5. Excellent light and tones Denis.

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  6. ohhhh, that’s incredible!!! this one is so delicate, so full of humanity and fraternity. it’s a big teaching!! thank you for sharing this with all us, thank you!!!

  7. what a really delicate art … you are really an artist ..
    its a wonderful picture …

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  9. This is a beautiful composition, my friend.
    Thanks for all your wonderful comments and invites . . .they are so appreciated! 🙂

  10. WITH ME. I HAVE GIVEN IT THOUGHT. . I AM ALWAYS MOSTLY ALONE. WITH KIDS GONE AND GROWN. BUT IF I AM IN NATURE. WITH MY GOD. I AM SIMPLY ……….ALONE. BUT NOT LONESOME. NATURE FILLS UP ALL MY EMPTY PLACES . AND IT MAKES MY SPIRIT SING WITH SILENCE. i do not know but you seem that way too. . …. i love the leaves . i prefer solitude. inside a forrest or any place water runs.

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